The Woman of the Wood

Abraham Merritt (1884 - 1943)

Here is a story utterly different from any you have ever read before—a tale of a forest of trees in actual warfare against their human foes—utterly weird, utterly fascinating, utterly thrilling, written by the author of “The Moon Pool,” “The Metal Monster,” “The Ship of Ishtar,” and other gripping books. It is a tale of vivid beauty and eery thrills.
For four centuries a family of French peasants had lived on the edge of this forest in the Vosges Mountains; and now, when the last of the race attacked the trees with fire and ax, the forest struck back. This is a story of graphic action, strange murders and uncanny mystery — and through it shines the incredible beauty of the Woman of the Wood. - Summary by Weird Tales Magazine, September 1926

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction, Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

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