The Witch-Wife

Henry SPICER (1811 - 1891)

Matthew Hopkins, a renowned witch-hunter, has his sights set on the quiet village near Pendell Manor. However Cecile Howard and her friends are determined to put an end to his superstitious nonsense, put an end to his reign of terror, and teach him a lesson he won't soon forget! - Summary by Kelly S. Taylor

Cast list:
The Witch Wife: A Tale of Malkin Tower by Henry Spicer (1811-1891)
BC/Editor for this play is Kelly S. Taylor
Sir Gerald Mole: Mike Manolakes
Marchmont Needham: Cavaet
Antony Gabb: Parsa2020
Harry Martyn: Larry Wilson
Vaughn: Wayne Cooke
Matthew Hopkins: Andrew Gaunce
Stern: peterbrashvoice
Judge Gayre: Adrian Stephens
Judge Howlett: Alan Mapstone
Constable: Alan Mapstone
Officer: NarvaezM
Countryman: Adrian Stephens
Gaoler: Alan Mapstone
Follower: Adrian Stephens
Marshal: Peter Yearsley
Voice: Adrian Stephens
Cecil Howard: Jenn Broda
Mistress Frill: Ambsweet13
Alison Devise: Kelly S. Taylor
Maggie: Sonia
Girl 1: TJ Burns
Girl 2: Jasmin Salma
Little Girl: Devorah Allen
Woman: Rebecca Brown
Stage Directions: ToddHW

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 ACT I Group 00:33:58
Play 02 ACT II Group 00:21:36
Play 03 ACT III Group 00:14:17
Play 04 ACT IV Group 00:18:28
Play 05 ACT V Group 00:21:12