The Wit and Humor of America, Vol 09


The Wit and Humor of America is a 10 volume series. In this, the ninth volume, 37 short stories and poems have been gathered from 31 authors. This volume is sure to delight listeners. (Summary by Linette Geisel)

Genre(s): General Fiction, Humorous Fiction

Language: English

Group: Wit and Humor of America

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Nine Little Goblins, The James Whitcomb Riley Etext Marty Kris
00:03:22 en
Play 02 Our Very Wishes Harriet Prescott Spofford Etext Pamela Krantz
00:34:06 en
Play 03 Mystery of Gilgal, The John Hay Etext Rhonda Federman
00:03:00 en
Play 04 Gusher, The Charles Battell Loomis Etext Marty Kris
00:08:10 en
Play 05 Widow Bedott's Visitor, The Frances M. Whicher Etext vinphizz
00:16:07 en
Play 06 Lugubrious Whing-Whang, The James Whitcomb Riley Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:02:47 en
Play 07 Runaway Toys, The Frank L. Stanton Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:02:24 en
Play 08 Tim Flannigan's Mistake Wallace Bruce Amsbary Etext Snapdragon
00:02:33 en
Play 09 Millionaires, The Max Adeler Etext Bill Mosley
00:26:20 en
Play 10 Our Polite Parents Carolyn Wells Etext Rhonda Federman
00:02:26 en
Play 11 Ballade of Ping-Pong, A Alden Charles Noble Etext Ric F
00:01:45 en
Play 12 Budge and Toddie John Habberton Etext vinphizz
00:17:14 en
Play 13 Reflective Retrospect, A John Godfrey Saxe Etext Ric F
00:04:00 en
Play 14 "Hullo!" Sam Walter Foss Etext Snapdragon
00:01:43 en
Play 15 Warrior, The Eugene Field Etext Snapdragon
00:01:14 en
Play 16 Tale of the Tangled Telegram, The Wilbur D. Nesbit Etext Bill Mosley
00:27:15 en
Play 17 Natural Philosophy William Henry Drummond Etext Bill Mosley
00:05:05 en
Play 18 How I Spoke the Word Frank L. Stanton Etext Bill Mosley
00:02:33 en
Play 19 University Intelligence Office, The John Kendrick Bangs Etext Marty Kris
00:14:04 en
Play 20 Country School, The Anonymous Etext Snapdragon
00:05:05 en
Play 21 Evan Anderson's Poker Party Benjamin Stevenson Etext K.G.Cross
00:33:05 en
Play 22 Threnody, A George Thomas Lanigan Etext Snapdragon
00:02:22 en
Play 23 Conscientious Curate and the Beauteous Ballet Girl, The William Russell Rose Etext Bill Mosley
00:04:08 en
Play 24 Hoss, The James Whitcomb Riley Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:04:27 en
Play 25 When Doctors Disagree S. E. Kiser Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:02:56 en
Play 26 Boat that Ain't, The Wallace Irwin Etext Ric F
00:00:49 en
Play 27 How Jimaboy Found Himself Francis Lynde Etext Snapdragon
00:23:12 en
Play 28 Rule of Three, A Wallace Rice Etext Bill Mosley
00:01:08 en
Play 29 How the Money Goes John Godfrey Saxe Etext Rhonda Federman
00:02:21 en
Play 30 Cavalier's Valentine, A Clinton Scollard Etext Snapdragon
00:01:54 en
Play 31 Great Celebrator, A Bill Nye Etext vinphizz
00:11:18 en
Play 32 Old-Fashioned Choir, The Benjamin F. Taylor Etext Snapdragon
00:02:58 en
Play 33 When the Little Boy Ran Away Frank L. Stanton Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:03:21 en
Play 34 He Wanted to Know Sam Walter Foss Etext Snapdragon
00:03:04 en
Play 35 Soldier, Rest! Robert Jones Burdette Etext Snapdragon
00:01:34 en
Play 36 Experiences of Gentle Jane, The Carolyn Wells Etext Snapdragon
00:02:03 en
Play 37 Few Reflections, A Bill Arp Etext Ric F
00:03:28 en