Chronicles of Canada Volume 27 - The Winning of Popular Government: A Chronicle of the Union of 1841

Archibald MACMECHAN (1862 - 1933)

In the 1830's, Canada was a ideologically divided country. Political upheaval and even riots occurred over Canada's future. Would it remain a subsidiary of England? Would it form its own republic, or even merge with the United States? This work tells of how some of Canada's founding fathers crossed the bridge between past and future. --Summary by TriciaG

Genre(s): Modern (19th C)

Language: English

Group: Chronicles of Canada Series

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Durham the Dictator Bruce Kachuk
Play 02 Poulett Thomson, Peacemaker, Part 1 Bruce Kachuk
Play 03 Poulett Thomson, Peacemaker, Part 2 Bruce Kachuk
Play 04 Reform in the Saddle Steve C
Play 05 The Great Administration, Part 1 Doug Sheppard
Play 06 The Great Administration, Part 2 Doug Sheppard
Play 07 The Principle Established Bruce Kachuk
Play 08 Epilogue Bruce Kachuk