The Windy Hill

Cornelia Meigs (1884 - 1973)

When two children come to stay with their cousin, they immediately realize something is wrong, but no one will tell them what. Their cousin is strangely altered: nervous, preoccupied, hardly aware of their existence. They soon discover that a conflict is brewing among the hills and farms of the Medford Valley, one whose origins reach back over a century. They must piece it together from scattered clues, and from the stories told to them by a mysterious bee keeper and his daughter. This 1922 Newbery Honor Book tells of the traits that run in a family—honor, stubborn pride, and a dark lust for wealth—and how they shape the destinies of three generations. (Introduction by Peter Eastman)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Family

Language: English

Group: Newbery Medal and Honor Books

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Beeman Peter Eastman
Play 02 The Seven Brothers of the Sun Peter Eastman
Play 03 John Massey's Landlord Peter Eastman
Play 04 The Garden Wall Peter Eastman
Play 05 The Ghost Ship Peter Eastman
Play 06 Janet's Adventure Peter Eastman
Play 07 The Portrait of Cicely Peter Eastman
Play 08 The Fiddler of Apple Tree Lane Peter Eastman
Play 09 The Fiddler of Apple Tree Lane (Continued) Peter Eastman
Play 10 A Man of Straw Peter Eastman
Play 11 Three Cousins Peter Eastman
Play 12 Medford River Peter Eastman