The Whole Family: a Novel by Twelve Authors


A 1908 NaNoWriMo forerunner, told in twelve chapters, each with a different author. The basic plot was to show how an engagement or marriage would affect and be affected by an entire family. The project became somewhat curious for the way the authors' contentious interrelationships mirrored the sometimes dysfunctional family they described in their chapters. The collaboration may have been an uncomfortable one, but a final product did emerge with some clever and entertaining contributions from its often squabbling authors. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia and others by Annise)

Genre(s): Family Life, General Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Father William Dean Howells Etext Tom Lennon
00:41:58 en
Play 02 The Old-maid Aunt Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Etext MaryAnn
00:42:35 en
Play 03 The Grandmother Mary Heaton Vorse Etext Amy Gramour
00:24:17 en
Play 04 The Daughter-in-Law Mary Stewart Doubleday Cutting Etext Kalynda
00:26:55 en
Play 05 The School-Girl Elizabeth Jordan Etext Heather Lawrence
00:29:33 en
Play 06 The Son-in-Law John Kendrick Bangs Etext Sandra Estenson
00:34:44 en
Play 07 The Married Son Henry James Etext Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)
01:04:33 en
Play 08 The Married Daughter Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Etext Elizabeth Klett
00:43:09 en
Play 09 The Mother Edith Wyatt Etext TriciaG
00:31:35 en
Play 10 The School-Boy Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews Etext David Stryker
00:43:52 en
Play 11 Peggy Alice Brown Etext Vsilverlining
00:38:03 en
Play 12 The Friend of the Family Henry van Dyke Etext David Leeson
00:31:01 en