The War That Will End War

H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946)

.About the First World War, and the author's conclusions. Whether or not you agree with these articles/essays, H G Wells does make many valid points about the war, and it's effect on people, especially in Britain. I suppose he cannot be blamed for getting the concept and the title wrong, in hindsight, as there were barely 22 years to pass before the Second World War with Germany began. Wells highlights the corruption both in Britain and Germany during the terrible conflict, and the humanitarian price which had to be paid. He felt it his duty to keep people informed, at a time when only newspapers were available. It was a period, around 1914-1918, that pre-dated radio and TV, and the mass communication which is available to us all today. Historically I believe it stands as a testament to that period. - Summary by Peter Thomlinson

Genre(s): *Non-fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Why Britain Went to War Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 02 The Sword of Peace Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 03 Hands Off the People's Food Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 04 Concerning Mr. Maximillian Craft Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 05 The Most Necessary Measures in the World Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 06 The Need of a New Map of Europe Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 07 The Opportunity of Liberalism Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 08 The Liberal Fear of Russia Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 09 An Appeal to the American People Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 10 Common Sense and the Balkan States Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Play 11 The War of the Mind Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)