The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China

Jules Verne (1828 - 1905)
Translated by Virginia Champlin

The rich and phlegmatic Kin-Fo loses his fortune and decides to die, but not before experiencing some strong emotions. He asks his friend Wang to kill him before a given date. Everything changes when Kin-Fo discovers he is not poor after all and he sets on a journey around China, trying to find his friend to cancel their deal. (Summary by Nadine)

Proof-Listeners: Patrick Wells, Jeanie, Nadine Eckert-Boulet, stonie1914

Genre(s): General Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - In which the Peculiarities and Nationality of the Personages are gradually revealed Leni
Play 02 02 - In which Kin-Fo and the Philosopher are more fully described Patrick Wells
Play 03 03 - In which the Reader, without Fatigue, can glance over the City of Shang-hai Jeanie
Play 04 04 - In which Kin-Fo receives an Important Letter, which is Eight Days behind Time Joseph Lawler
Play 05 05 - In which Le-ou receives a Letter which she would rather not have received Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Play 06 06 - Which will, perhaps, make the Reader desire to visit the Offices of the Centenary Tom Barron
Play 07 07 - Which would be very Sad if it did not treat of Ways and Customs peculiar to the Celestial Empire Tom Barron
Play 08 08 - In which Kin-Fo makes a Serious Proposition to Wang, which the Latter no less seriously accepts Esther
Play 09 09 - The Conclusion of which, however Singular it may be, perhaps will not surprise the Reader Tom Barron
Play 10 10 - In which Craig and Fry are officially presented to the New Patron of the Centenary Kristine Bekere
Play 11 11 - In which Kin-Fo becomes the most Celebrated Man in the Central Empire Jeanie
Play 12 12 - In which Kin-Fo, his Two Acolytes, and his Valet start on an Adventure klbonds
Play 13 13 - In which is heard the Celebrated Lament called The Five Periods in the Life of a Centenarian Jeanie
Play 14 14 - In which the Visitor, without Fatigue, can travel through Four Cities by visiting only One klbonds
Play 15 15 - Which certainly contains a Surprise for Kin-Fo, and perhaps for the Reader John Fricker
Play 16 16 - In which Kin-Fo, who is still a Bachelor, begins to travel again in earnest John Kooz
Play 17 17 - In which Kin-Fo's Market Value is Once more Uncertain John Kooz
Play 18 18 - In which Craig and Fry, urged by Curiosity, visit the Hold of the Sam-Yep John Kooz
Play 19 19 - Which does not finish well, either for Capt. Yin, the Commander of the Sam-Yep, or for her Crew Phil Chenevert
Play 20 20 - In which it will be seen to what Dangers Men are exposed who use Capt. Boyton's Nautical Apparatus Phil Chenevert
Play 21 21 - In which Craig and Fry see the Moon rise with Extreme Satisfaction Phil Chenevert
Play 22 22 - Which the Reader might have written himself, it ends in so Surprising a Way Phil Chenevert