The Trail of the Tramp

Leon Ray LIVINGSTON (1872 - 1944)

This book, written by the famous hobo and author, Leon Ray Livingston aka A-No. 1, is built on his own experiences on the road. The first chapter of the book sets up a framing narrative, where Canada Joe promises to tell a story which is not "the same, old, time-worn tales of how slick hoboes beat trains, nor fabled romance concerning harmless wanderlusters, nor jokes at the expense of the poor but honest man in search of legitimate employment, but I shall relate to you a rarely strange story that will stir your hearts to their innermost depths and will cause you to shudder at the villainy of certain human beings, who, like vultures seeking carrion, hunt for other people's sons with the intention of turning them into tramps, beggars, drunkards and criminals--into despised outcasts." Come listen to his story! - Summary by kathrinee.

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Where to Obtain Our Books. Chapter 1: The Harvester Kristin Lewis
Play 02 Chapter 2: The Samaritans Kristin Lewis
Play 03 Chapter 3: The Wreck Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 04 Chapter 4: The Drifter Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 05 Chapter 5: The Call of the City April6090
Play 06 Chapter 6: The Golden Rule Hotel April6090
Play 07 Chapter 7: False Friends Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 08 Chapter 8: Busting a Broncho Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 09 Chapter 9: The Abyss Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 10 Chapter 10: Slippery, the Yegg Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 11 Chapter 11: The Wages of Sin is Death Kristin Lewis
Play 12 Chapter 12: Scattered to the Winds Kristin Lewis
Play 13 Chapter 13: Where is my Brother James Kristin Lewis
Play 14 Chapter 14: The Noble Work of the Salvation Army Diana Schmidt
Play 15 Chapter 15: Forgive and Forget Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Play 16 Chapter 16: All is Well that Ends Well Debbie R. Baker Robinson