The Tale of Three Lions

H. Rider Haggard (1856 - 1925)

Taking place in the heart of Africa, “The Tale of Three Lions” is one more thrilling adventure from the eventful life of old hunter Quatermain, the famous hero of “King Solomons Mines”. This time, though there are no bloodthirsty people for the old hunter to deal with, the dangers are no less. He has to face the mighty and fierce King of Animals – the Lion. (Summary by Kristine Bekere)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 - The interest on ten shillings Kristine Bekere
Play 02 2 - What was found in the pool Kristine Bekere
Play 03 3 - Jim-Jim is avenged Kristine Bekere