The Sword of Deborah

F. Tennyson Jesse (1888 - 1958)

"The Sword of Deborah" contains the reflections of a woman journalist visiting women working behind the lines in France during World War I. She writes: "I was glad to have seen all the different convoys I had, because no two had been to me alike, and to each I am indebted for a differing expression of the same vision, which is the vision splendid of a duty undertaken gladly and sustained with courage. From my first convoys -- the Fannies and the G.S.V.A.D.'s -- I got the wonderful facts of it, at the V.A.D. Convoy at E---- I caught that side of it which I as most glad of all to encounter, and at the V.A.D. Convoy at T----- I found that delightful spirit of sheer joy in danger which is too precious to be allowed to die out of the world just because there happens to be, at present, such a great deal too much danger let loose upon it." (Summary by MaryAnn)

Genre(s): War & Military

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 I. A.B.C, II. The Fever Chart of War MaryAnn
Play 02 III. Backgrounds, IV. My First Convoy MaryAnn
Play 03 V. Outposts; Vi Waacs, VI. Rumours and Realities MaryAnn
Play 04 VII. The Brown Graves, VIII. Vignettes MaryAnn
Play 05 IX. Evening, X. Night MaryAnn
Play 06 XI. "And the Bright Eyes of Danger", XII. Rest MaryAnn
Play 07 XIII. General Servants and a General Question, XIV. Notes and Queries MaryAnn