The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo (Version 2)

L. Frank Baum (1856 - 1919)

"I dare say, there are several questions you would like to ask at the very beginning of this history. First: Who is the Monarch of Mo? And why is he called the Magical Monarch? And where is Mo, anyhow? And why have you never heard of it before? And can it be reached by a railroad or a trolley-car, or must one walk all the way? These questions I realize should be answered before we (that "we" means you and the book) can settle down for a comfortable reading of all the wonders and astonishing adventures I shall endeavor faithfully to relate. In the first place, the Monarch of Mo is a very pleasant personage holding the rank of King. He is not very tall, nor is he very short; he is midway between fat and lean; he is delightfully jolly when he is not sad, and seldom sad if he can possibly be jolly. How old he may be I have never dared to inquire; but when we realize that he is destined to live as long as the Valley of Mo exists we may reasonably suppose the Monarch of Mo is exactly as old as his native land. And no one in Mo has ever reckoned up the years to see how many they have been. So we will just say that the Monarch of Mo and the Valley of Mo are each a part of the other, and can not be separated." And so starts this fun series of 'surprises' as Baum calls the chapters, each a delightful present to unwrap carefully and enjoy fully. - Summary by the author and phil chenevert

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 THE FIRST SURPRISE The Beautiful Valley of Mo Phil Chenevert
Play 02 THE SECOND SURPRISE The Strange Adventures of the King's Head Phil Chenevert
Play 03 THE THIRD SURPRISE The Tramp Dog and the Monarch's Lost Temper Phil Chenevert
Play 04 THE FOURTH SURPRISE The Peculiar Pains of Fruit Cake Island Phil Chenevert
Play 05 THE FIFTH SURPRISE The Monarch Celebrates His Birthday Phil Chenevert
Play 06 THE SIXTH SURPRISE King Scowleyow and His Cast-Iron Man Phil Chenevert
Play 07 THE SEVENTH SURPRISE Timtom and the Princess Pattycake Phil Chenevert
Play 08 THE EIGHTH SURPRISE The Bravery of Prince Jollikin Phil Chenevert
Play 09 THE NINTH SURPRISE The Wizard and the Princess Phil Chenevert
Play 10 THE TENTH SURPRISE The Duchess Bredenbutta's Visit to Turvyland Phil Chenevert
Play 11 THE ELEVENTH SURPRISE Prince Fiddlecumdoo and the Giant Phil Chenevert
Play 12 THE TWELFTH SURPRISE The Land of the Civilized Monkeys Phil Chenevert
Play 13 THE THIRTEENTH SURPRISE The Stolen Plum-Pudding Phil Chenevert
Play 14 THE FOURTEENTH SURPRISE The Punishment of the Purple Dragon Phil Chenevert