The Story of Eclipses

George F. Chambers (1841 - 1915)

Solar eclipses have both frightened and fascinated humankind for thousands of years. At first believed to be caused by angry gods punishing the people on Earth, we now know that a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and fully or partially covers the Sun. Ever since scientists were able to predict the next solar eclipse, people - at least the less superstitious ones - wanted to go there and see it for themselves.
This book, published in 1899, was written for potential spectators of the total eclipse of the Sun on May 28, 1900. It deals with the science behind solar eclipses and their prediction, and lists a number of known historic eclipses from antiquity to the 19th century. Also included are eclipses mentioned in books, strange customs surrounding the eclipses, and how best to watch one. (Summary by Ava)

Genre(s): Astronomy, Physics & Mechanics

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Preface and Introduction Availle
Play 02 General Ideas Linda Olsen Fitak
Play 03 The ''Saros'' and the Periodicity of Eclipses MaryAnn
Play 04 Miscellaneous Theoretical Matters Connected With Eclipses of the Sun (Chiefly) Andrea Kotzer
Play 05 What Is Observed During the Earlier Stages of an Eclipse of the Sun MaryAnn
Play 06 What Is Observed During the Total Phase of an Eclipse of the Sun MaryAnn
Play 07 What Is Observed After the Total Phase of an Eclipse is at an End MaryAnn
Play 08 Eclipses of the Sun Mentioned in History - Chinese MaryAnn
Play 09 Are Eclipses Alluded to in the Bible? MaryAnn
Play 10 Eclipses of the Sun Mentioned in History - Classical John Carter
Play 11 Eclipses of the Sun Mentioned in History - The Christian Era to the Norman Conquest Wayne Anderson
Play 12 Eclipses of the Sun Mentioned in History - Mediaeval and Modern DrPGould
Play 13 Eclipses of the Sun During the Nineteenth Century DrPGould
Play 14 The Electric Telegraph as Applied to Eclipses of the Sun Linda Olsen Fitak
Play 15 Eclipses of the Moon - General Principles Kathleen Moore
Play 16 Eclipses of the Moon Mentioned in History Kathleen Moore
Play 17 Catalogues of Eclipses: And Their Calculation Lynda Marie Neilson
Play 18 Strange Eclipse Customs Linda Olsen Fitak
Play 19 Eclipses in Shakespeare and the Poets Amelia Chesley
Play 20 Brief Hints To Observers Of Eclipses Of the Sun Amelia Chesley
Play 21 Transits and Occultations Lynda Marie Neilson
Play 22 Appendix: The Total Eclipse of the Sun of May 28, 1900 DrPGould