The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier

Laura Lee HOPE ( - )

"Yes, I suppose you may say I have, admitted the Bold Tin Soldier. "But though my men and I have a fine home with Arnold, still I get lonesome for you toys once in a while. I have met the Sawdust Doll, the White Rocking Horse, and the Lamb on Wheels. Now I am glad to meet you all once more. And how is my friend the Candy Rabbit?" the Captain asked, as he saw the long-eared chap standing near him." This is the story of one of the toys created at Santa's workshop in North Pole Land, who comes down to earth to live with a fortunate little boy or girl. - Summary by Nan Dodge, quote from the book

Genre(s): Action & Adventure

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 A Make-Believe Fight Nan Dodge
Play 02 Saving the Clown Nan Dodge
Play 03 Bought by a Boy Nan Dodge
Play 04 A Bean Battle Nan Dodge
Play 05 The Captain and the Lamb Nan Dodge
Play 06 Saving the Sawdust Doll Nan Dodge
Play 07 A Sad Accident Nan Dodge
Play 08 A Bunch of Sweetness Nan Dodge
Play 09 Back to the Store Nan Dodge
Play 10 The Soldier and the Rabbit Nan Dodge