The Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children

Jane Andrews (1833 - 1887)

"You may think that Mother Nature, like the famous "old woman who lived in the shoe," has so many children that she doesn't know what to do. But you will know better when you become acquainted with her, and learn how strong she is, and how active; how she can really be in fifty places at once, taking care of a sick tree, or a baby flower just born; and, at the same time, building underground palaces, guiding the steps of little travellers setting out on long journeys, and sweeping, dusting, and arranging her great house,--the earth. And all the while, in the midst of her patient and never-ending work, she will tell us the most charming and marvellous stories of ages ago when she was young, or of the treasures that lie hidden in the most distant and secret closets of her palace; just such stories as you all like so well to hear your mother tell when you gather round her in the twilight." (Summary from Chapter One of The Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children)

Genre(s): Science

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Story of the Amber Beads Mrs. Darcy
Play 02 The New Life Christine Blachford
Play 03 The Talk of the Trees That Stand in the Village Street Christine Blachford
Play 04 How the Indian Corn Grows Ted Nugent
Play 05 Water-Lilies Ted Nugent
Play 06 The Carrying Trade Ruth Golding
Play 07 Sea-Life aquielisunari
Play 08 The Frost Giants Jason Mayoff
Play 09 How Quercus Alba Went to Explore the Underworld the quiet fox
Play 10 Treasure-Boxes the quiet fox
Play 11 A Peep Into One of God's Storehouses aquielisunari
Play 12 The Hidden Light Laura Caldwell
Play 13 Sixty-Two Little Tadpoles Colleen Dick
Play 14 Golden-Rod and Asters Sean McGaughey