The Spirit of the Curé of Ars

Alfred Monnin (1823 - 1886)
Translated by John Edward Bowden (1829 - 1874)

St. Jean-Baptiste Marie Vianney (known in English as St. John Vianney), was a French priest that lived from 1786-1859. He would later become famous as the Curé of Ars. Despite notoriously little formal education, he inspired an untold number to convert to the Catholic Faith, through the way that he spoke both passionately and simply, and the way that he lived his life. This book presents some of his catechisms, sermons, exhortations, and thoughts. It offers some of the most passionate pleas to the faithful, allowing him to inspire another generation from beyond the grave. - Summary by Sarah Cain

Genre(s): Philosophy, Early Modern, Christianity - Commentary

Language: English

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