The Song of Three Friends

John Neihardt (1881 - 1973)

The Song of Three Friends is one of five epic poems in Neihardt's, "Cycle of the West". In eight cantos it tells the tale of three friends, Mike Fink, Will Carpenter and Frank Talbeau, who travel up the Missouri River in 1822 as members of Ashley's Hundred to seek their fortunes in the fur fields of the Rocky Mountains. The friends fall out over the love of a woman with fatal consequences. The Song of Three Friends won “Best Volume of Verse” from the Poetry Society of America shortly after it was published.. - Summary by Fritz

Genre(s): Poetry, Epics

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Ashley's Hundred Phil Schempf
Play 02 The Up-stream Men Phil Schempf
Play 03 To The Musselshell Phil Schempf
Play 04 The Net Is Cast Phil Schempf
Play 05 The Quarrel Phil Schempf
Play 06 The Shooting of the Cup Phil Schempf
Play 07 The Third Rider Phil Schempf
Play 08 Vengeance Phil Schempf