The Show Off

George Kelly (1887 - 1974)

Amy Fisher's parents can't understand what their daughter sees in Aubrey Piper, a loudmouth and braggart who pretends to be more than the lowly clerk he is.

She marries Aubrey even though he can't seem to stop insulting others or interfering with their lives. He accidentally sets her inventor brother Joe's laboratory on fire and also wrecks a car, driving it without a license. He is kicked off a radio show for offending the sponsor and blows Joe's deal with a paint company by demanding the inventor be paid $100,000.

Things go from bad to worse as Amy and Aubrey move in with her parents. - Summary by Chuckw

Stage Directions: Ambsweet13
Amy: Jenn Broda
Mrs Fisher: Diane Castillo
Frank Hyland: Tommy Hersant
Clara: Lydia
Mr Fisher: skypigeon
Joe: Matthew Reece
Aubrey: ToddHW
Mr Gill: Tommy Hersant
Mr Rogers: Wayne Cooke

Final proof-listening: Sunrise2020 and Dulcamara.

Genre(s): Plays

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Part 1 Group 01:09:09
Play 02 Act 1 Part 2 Group 00:16:05
Play 03 Act 2 Part 1 Group 00:54:18
Play 04 Act 2 Part 2 Group 00:22:10
Play 05 Act 3 Part 1 Group 00:56:26
Play 06 Act 3 Part 2 Group 00:20:49