The Shorter Works of Tertullian Volume 1

Tertullian (c. 155 - c. 240)

"In the latter part of the second and in the former part of the third century there flourished at Carthage the famous Tertullian, the first Latin writer of the church whose works are come down to us. All his writings betray a sour, monastic, harsh, and severe turn of mind. "Touch not, taste not, handle not," might seem to have been the maxims of his religious conduct. The abilities of Tertullian, as an orator and a scholar, are far from being contemptible, and have doubtless given him a reputation to which his theological knowledge by no means entitles him. Yet the man seems always in good earnest, and therefore much more estimable than thousands who would take a pleasure in despising him, while they themselves are covered with profaneness. It is not for us to condemn, after all, a man who certainly honoured Christ, defended several fundamental Christian doctrines, took large pains in supporting what he took to be true religion, and ever meant to serve God. The Montanists, whose austerities were extreme, and whose enthusiasm was real, seduced at length our severe African, and he not only joined them, but wrote in their defence, and treated the body of christians from whom he separated with much contempt. He, in a great measure, left the Montanists afterwards, and formed a sect of his own, called Tertullianists, who continued in Africa till Augustine's time, by whose labours their existence, as a sect, was brought to a close." (Extracted from Joseph Milner, The History of the Church of Christ, p.267-275)

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

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Play 01 To Scapula Etext InTheDesert
Play 02 Address to the Martyrs Etext InTheDesert
Play 03 The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity Etext David Ronald
Play 04 The Soul's Testimony Etext David Ronald
Play 05 Prescription Against Heretics Part 1 Etext David Ronald
Play 06 Prescription Against Heretics Part 2 Etext David Ronald
Play 07 Against All Heresies Etext David Ronald
Play 08 Against the Valentinians Part 1 Etext InTheDesert
Play 09 Against the Valentinians Part 2 Etext InTheDesert
Play 10 Concerning Prayer Etext InTheDesert
Play 11 Concerning Baptism Etext David Ronald
Play 12 To His Wife Etext InTheDesert
Play 13 The Chaplet Etext David Ronald
Play 14 On The Veiling of Virgins Etext InTheDesert
Play 15 On Fasting Part 1 Etext InTheDesert
Play 16 On Fasting Part 2 Etext InTheDesert
Play 17 On Female Dress Etext InTheDesert
Play 18 On Repentance Etext David Ronald
Play 20 On Modesty Part 1 Etext InTheDesert
Play 21 On Modesty Part 2 Etext InTheDesert
Play 22 On Modesty Part 3 Etext InTheDesert
Play 23 On the Pallium Etext InTheDesert