The Shoemaker's Holiday

Thomas Dekker (c.1572 - 1632)

The Shoemaker's Holiday is an Elizabethan play written by Thomas Dekker. It was first performed in 1599 by the Admiral's Men. It falls into the sub-genre of city comedy (depicting ordinary London life).

Aristocrat Rowland Lacy falls in love with middle class girl Rose Oateley, but Rose's father and Lacy's uncle refuse to approve the match because of the class difference and Rowland's spendthrift lifestyle. Rowland is told to redeem himself by joining the army fighting in France. To avoid going, he persuades someone else to take his place and disguises himself as a Dutch shoemaker, Hans. He becomes an apprentice of eccentric but hard-working tradesman, Simon Eyre, and negotiates a business deal that bags his employer thousands of pounds. Eyre is made Sheriff of London and later, Lord Mayor.

Meanwhile, another of Eyre's employees, Ralph, leaves for the French wars. He returns to find that his wife, Jane, has been poached by a rich dandy, Hammon. (Wikipedia and Rob Board)


Narrator: Kristin Gjerløw

Rowland Lacy, otherwise Hans: Rob Board

Simon Eyre: Peter Tucker

Margery: Availle

Rodger: ToddHW

Firk: Richard Shipp

Ralph: Negatron

Jane: Elizabeth Klett

Sir Roger Oateley: Bruce Pirie

Rose: Beth Thomas

Sybil: Mary Kay

Sir Hugh Lacy: davidpr

Dodger: Hannoria

Master Hammon: Hamlet

Serving man, and those of Hammon's side: Sandra Schmit

A boy: Stoofy

Master Warner: David Olson

A prentice: Joseph Tabler

The King: Andrew Utley

The Earl of Cornwell, and a nobleman: David Olson

Askew: Lydia

Lovell: MaryAnn

A Dutch skipper: Anna Simon

Master Scott: Newgatenovelist

Three Men's Songs: Ezwa

Audio edited by: Rob Board

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dramatis Personae 00:01:59
Play 01 Act I Group 00:15:23
Play 02 Act II Group 00:19:52
Play 03 Act III Group 00:36:31
Play 04 Act IV Group 00:28:50
Play 05 Act V Group 00:35:45