The Secret of the Sahara: Kufara

Rosita Forbes (1890 - 1967)

In an age when women were expected to remain at home, entertain, and rear children, Rosita Forbes elected "to boldly go where no one had gone before..." Like her older contemporary, Gertrude Bell (who was focused more in the Persian and Iraqi areas), Forbes held a profound love of the vast desert and the people who lived there. That love shines out in this engaging travelogue of her November 1920 - February 1921 adventure. The expedition took her deep into the Libyan desert to seek a remote location, revered by local peoples, that was protected from outside intrusion. Forbes was the first European woman, and only the second outsider, to reach Kufara, amid trials of difficult travel, complications with camels, differing priorities of personnel, political intrigue, outright betrayal, climate hardships, and near-disastrous wanderings off the route when water was short or gone. Her sharing of the surroundings, situations, and cultural nuances makes the reader feel as if you were right there with her, shading your eyes as you await the capture of the sunrise or sunset mirage that will show the distant features you hope to locate. Join her entourage and travel along through the Libyan sands as she shares this historic journey of more than a thousand miles. ( summary by LCaulkins)

Genre(s): Travel & Geography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 00 Preface Steven Seitel
Play 01 01 We Enter on the Great Adventure Steven Seitel
Play 02 02 Plans for the Flight Steven Seitel
Play 03 03 The Escape from Jedabia Steven Seitel
Play 04 04 Across the Desert with She-ib Steven Seitel
Play 05 05 Triumphant Arrival at Jalo Steven Seitel
Play 06 06 Christmas in the Desert Steven Seitel
Play 07 07 A Faulty Guide on a Waterless Way Steven Seitel
Play 08 08 The Lake in the Desert Steven Seitel
Play 09 09 Treachery at Hawari Steven Seitel
Play 10 10 Feasts in the Holy Place Steven Seitel
Play 11 11 The ''Cities'' of Kufara Steven Seitel
Play 12 12 The Flight from Taj Steven Seitel
Play 13 13 Through the Mountains Steven Seitel
Play 14 14 The Elusive Dunes Steven Seitel
Play 15 15 The End of the Journey Steven Seitel