The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1


The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes was a British TV series from the early 70s that dramatized stories written contemporaneously with the Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This anthology contains twelve of the thirteen stories adapted as episodes for the first season. Sadly, one story, "The Missing Witness Sensation" by Ernest Bramah, is not public domain in the U.S., but can be read in the anthology Max Carrados Mysteries. (Summary by Nullifidian)

Genre(s): Detective Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Message from the Deep Sea R. Austin Freeman Etext Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
00:26:00 en
Play 02 Message from the Deep Sea, Part 2 Etext Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Play 03 Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre Co. Ltd, The Arthur Morrison Etext Delmar H Dolbier
00:30:47 en
Play 04 Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre Co. Ltd, Part 2 Etext Delmar H Dolbier
Play 05 Dutchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds, The Guy Boothby Etext TRUEBRIT
00:34:59 en
Play 06 Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds, Part 2 Etext TRUEBRIT
Play 07 Horse of the Invisible, The William Hope Hodgson Etext David Richardson
00:30:26 en
Play 08 Horse of the Invisible, Part 2 Etext David Richardson
Play 09 Case of 'The Mirror of Portugal', The Arthur Morrison Etext William Tomcho
00:40:46 en
Play 10 Case of 'The Mirror of Portugal', Part 2 Etext ToddHW
Play 11 Madame Sara L. T. Meade Etext om123
00:24:10 en
Play 12 Madame Sara, Part 2 Etext om123
Play 13 Case of the Dixon Torpedo, The Arthur Morrison Etext Tony Maxey
00:24:40 en
Play 14 Case of the Dixon Torpedo, Part 2 Etext ToddHW
Play 15 Woman in the Big Hat, The Baroness Emma Orczy Etext Janet
00:31:50 en
Play 16 Woman in the Big Hat, Part 2 Etext Janet
Play 17 Affair of the Tortiose, The Arthur Morrison Etext stmacduff
00:36:25 en
Play 18 Assyrian Rejuvenator, The R. Austin Freeman Etext ToddHW
00:29:02 en
Play 19 Ripening Rubies, The Sir Max Pemberton Etext David Wales
00:45:22 en
Play 20 Case of Laker, Absconded, The Arthur Morrison Etext Michael Reuss
00:28:49 en
Play 21 Case of Laker, Absconded, Part 2 Etext Michael Reuss
Play 22 Tilling Shaw Mystery, The Ernest Bramah Etext Andrzej S. Zaliwski
00:30:13 en
Play 23 Tilling Shaw Mystery, Part 2 Etext Andrzej S. Zaliwski