The Righteous Man's Refuge

John Flavel (1627 - 1691)

A Treatise Upon the Attributes of God, As They are Opened in His Promises and Providences for the Security of His People in the Storms of Public Calamities, from Isaiah 26:20
by John Flavel, Minister of the Gospel - Summary by Title Page

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 The Epistle to the Reader InTheDesert
Play 01 Wherein the literal and real importance of the text is considered, the doctrine propounded, and the method of the following discourse stated InTheDesert
Play 02 Demonstrating the first proposition, that there are times and seasons appointed by God for the pouring out of his indignation upon the world InTheDesert
Play 03 Opening and confirming the second proposition, viz. That God's own people are much concerned in, and ought to be suitably affected with those judgments that befall the nation wherein they live. InTheDesert
Play 04 Confirming the third proposition. viz. That God hath a special and peculiar care of his own people in the days of his indignation InTheDesert
Play 05 Evincing the fourth proposition, viz. That God usually premonisheth the world, especially his own people, of his judgments before they befall them InTheDesert
Play 06 Demonstrating the fifth proposition, viz. That God's attributes, promises, and providences, are prepared for the security of his people, in the greatest distresses that can befall them in the world InTheDesert
Play 07 Opening that glorious attribute of Divine Wisdom, as a second chamber of security to the saints in difficult times InTheDesert
Play 08 Opening that glorious attribute of Divine faithfulness, as a third chamber of security to the people of God, in times of distress and danger InTheDesert
Play 09 Opening to believers the unchangeableness of God, as a fourth chamber of refuge and rest in times of trouble InTheDesert
Play 10 Opening the care of God for his people in times of trouble, as the fifth chamber of rest to believers InTheDesert
Play 11 Opening the sixth and last chamber, viz. The love of God, as a resting-place to believing souls in evil times InTheDesert
Play 12 Containing the first use of the point in several informing consectaries and deductions of truth from it InTheDesert