The Revelation of Law in Scripture

Patrick Fairbain (1805 - 1874)

The subject of 'The Revelation of Law in Scripture' is profoundly important at all times, but especially in the present day, when it is brought into hard conflict with modern speculations, and with the tendencies of religious thought current in Britain and elsewhere, subversive in various ways of the foundations of moral and religious obligation. This is eminently a book for the times. In no work of the same compass will the reader find a more satisfactory and a fresher discussion of the great questions relating to the moral law, or a more complete exposure of the false theories respecting it that now prevail. But while combating these theories, the lectures are far from wearing a controversial aspect, the author being anxious rather to unfold and establish what is true than to enter into a minute and laboured refutation of the false. - Summary by British and Foreign Evangelical Review 1869

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

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Play 00 Preface InTheDesert
Play 01 Introductory — Prevailing Views in respect to the Ascendency of Law (1) In the Natural; (2) In the Moral and Religious Sphere; and the Relation in which they stand to the Revelations of Scripture on the subject InTheDesert
Play 02 The Relation of Man at Creation to Moral Law — How far or in what respects the Law in its Principles was made known to him — The grand Test of his Rectitude, and his Failure under it InTheDesert
Play 03 The Revelation of Law, strictly so called, viewed in respect to the Time and Occasion of its Promulgation InTheDesert
Play 04 The Law in its Form and Substance —Its more Essential Characteristics — and the Relation of one Part of its Contents to another (Part 1) InTheDesert
Play 05 The Law in its Form and Substance —Its more Essential Characteristics — and the Relation of one Part of its Contents to another (Part 2) InTheDesert
Play 06 The Law in its Form and Substance —Its more Essential Characteristics — and the Relation of one Part of its Contents to another (Part 3) InTheDesert
Play 07 The Position and Calling of Israel as placed under the Covenant of Law, what precisely involved in it — False Views on the subject Exposed — The Moral Results of the Economy, according as the Law was legitimately used or the reverse InTheDesert
Play 08 The Economical Aspect of the Law — The Defects adhering to it as such — The Relation of the Psalms and Prophets to it — Mistaken Views of this Relation — The great Problem with Which the Old Testament closed, and the Views of different Parties respecting its Solution InTheDesert
Play 09 The Relation of the Law to the Mission and Work of Christ — The Symbolical and Ritual finding in Him its termination, and the Moral its formal Appropriation and perfect Fulfilment InTheDesert
Play 10 The Relation of the Law to the Constitution, the Privileges, and the Calling of the Christian Church InTheDesert
Play 11 The Re-introduction of Law into the Church of the New Testament, in the sense in which Law was abolished by Christ and His Apostles InTheDesert
Play 12 The Double Form of the Decalogue, and the Questions to which it has given rise InTheDesert
Play 13 The Historical Element in God's Revelations of Truth and Duty, considered with an especial respect to their Claim on Men's Responsibilities and Obligation InTheDesert
Play 14 Whether a Spirit of Revenge is countenanced in the Writings of the Old Testament InTheDesert
Play 15 Exposition of the More Important Passages on the Law in St. Paul’s Epistles InTheDesert
Play 16 2 Corinthians 3:2-18 InTheDesert
Play 17 Galatians 2:14-21 InTheDesert
Play 18 Galatians 3:19-26 InTheDesert
Play 19 Galatians 4:1-7 InTheDesert
Play 20 Galatians 5:13-15 InTheDesert
Play 21 Romans 2:13-15 InTheDesert
Play 22 Romans 3:19-20 InTheDesert
Play 23 Romans 3:31 InTheDesert
Play 24 Romans 5:12-21 InTheDesert
Play 25 Romans 6:14-18 InTheDesert
Play 26 Romans 7 InTheDesert
Play 27 Romans 10:4-9 InTheDesert
Play 28 Romans 14:1-7 InTheDesert
Play 29 Ephesians 2:11-17 InTheDesert
Play 30 Colossians 2:11-17 InTheDesert
Play 31 1 Timothy 1:8-11 InTheDesert