The Return of Peter Grimm

David Belasco (1853 - 1931)

"Mr. Belasco has written the following account of "Peter's" evolution: [ ] The play, "The Return of Peter Grimm," is an expression in dramatic form of my ideas on a subject which I have pondered over since boyhood: "Can the dead come back?" Peter Grimm did come back. At the same time, I inserted a note in my program to say that I advanced no positive opinion; that the treatment of the play allowed the audience to believe that it had actually seen Peter, or that he had not been seen but existed merely in the minds of the characters on the stage. Spiritualists from all over the country flocked to see "The Return of Peter Grimm," and I have heard that it gave comfort to many. It was a difficult theme, and more than once I was tempted to give it up. But since it has given relief to those who have loved and lost, it was not written in vain." (Summary from Introduction)

Coordinated and edited by ToddHW.

Stage Directions: Kristin Gjerløw
Peter Grimm: rafe
Frederik, his nephew: Chuck Williamson
James Hartman: Anthony
Andrew MacPherson: bala
Rev. Henry Batholommey: Larry Wilson
Colonel Tom Lawton: alanmapstone
William: ToddHW
Catherine: Amanda Friday
Mrs. Batholommey: Maryanka
Marta: Anna Simon
Clown: Anastasiia Solokha
Hawker and Barker: Ellen Preckel
Voice (bringing telegram): WoollyBee
Girls (4, little, singing): Julia Niedermaier

Genre(s): Drama

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Group 01:18:35
Play 02 Act 2, Part 1 00:55:05
Play 03 Act 2, Part 2 00:52:35
Play 04 Act 3 00:36:24