The Regeneration of Lord Ernie

Algernon BLACKWOOD (1869 - 1951)

"The Regeneration of Lord Ernie is a story about a young man with no passion for life, he was very capable and the heir to a large family fortune but just not interested in life. His father employs a teacher, John Hendricks, to take him on a world tour and try to inspire him. In the final stage of the tour in desperation he takes him to the Jura mountains, where he went as a young man, to visit a pastor he stayed with. During the stay they get involved with pagan worship that involves the transforming power of wind and fire, up in the mountains.
Algernon Blackwood manages to evoke the atmosphere and tensions that carry Lord Ernie through transformation to lead a new life. But like a shooting stars he burns bright but ...... "( Patrick79)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Published 1900 onward

Language: English

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