The Red House Mystery (Version 2)

A. A. Milne (1882 - 1956)

Author A. A. Milne is best known to the world as the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. Yet Milne was versatile, having written dozens of plays, humorous articles, books and – The Red House Mystery. In which…

Mark Ablett is the massively narcissistic owner of The Red House, a beautiful English country mansion. The estate is managed mostly by Mark’s side-kick and younger cousin, Cayley. As a wealthy artiste, Mark has chosen his handful of guests both to pander to his self-image and to allow him near-total control of virtually all aspects of his luxurious country house “show,” as it were.

In the novel’s first eight hours, Milne presents a literary tour-de-force: first, the unexpected arrival (after 15 years’ absence) of Robert, Mark’s n'ere-do-well brother from Australia; second, Robert’s murder; and third, Mark’s own disappearance. Enter Antony Gillingham, our brilliant but modest gentleman sleuth. He arrives on a passing visit to his young friend Bill, one of Mark’s house guests, who later becomes the faithful “Watson” to Antony’s Holmes. Follows the juxtaposition of three distinct theories of the crime (or perhaps, given Mark’s disappearance, crimes) as put forward by Antony, by Mark’s confidant, Cayley, and by local police Inspector Birch. It is of course Antony, with Bill’s help, who solves this this delightful and extremely well-crafted mystery. - Summary by Kirsten Wever

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction, Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1 - Mrs. Stevens is Frightened Kirsten Wever
Play 02 Chapter 2 - Mr. Gillingham Gets Out at the Wrong Station Kirsten Wever
Play 03 Chapter 3 - Two Men and a Body Kirsten Wever
Play 04 Chapter 4 - The Brother from Australia Kirsten Wever
Play 05 Chapter 5 - Mr. Gillingham Chooses a New Profession Kirsten Wever
Play 06 Chapter 6 - Outside Or Inside? Kirsten Wever
Play 07 Chapter 7 - Portrait of a Gentleman Kirsten Wever
Play 08 Chapter 8 - “Do You Follow Me, Watson?” Kirsten Wever
Play 09 Chapter 9 - Possibilities of a Croquet Set Kirsten Wever
Play 10 Chapter 10 - Mr. Gillingham Talks Nonsense Kirsten Wever
Play 11 Chapter 11 - The Reverend Theodore Ussher Kirsten Wever
Play 12 Chapter 12 - A Shadow on the Wall Kirsten Wever
Play 13 Chapter 13 - The Open Window Kirsten Wever
Play 14 Chapter 14 - Mr. Beverley Qualifies for the Stage Kirsten Wever
Play 15 Chapter 15 - Mrs. Norbury Confides in Dear Mr. Gillingham Kirsten Wever
Play 16 Chapter 16 - Getting Ready for the Night Kirsten Wever
Play 17 Chapter 17 - Mr. Beverley Takes the Water Kirsten Wever
Play 18 Chapter 18 - Guess-work Kirsten Wever
Play 19 Chapter 19 - The Inquest Kirsten Wever
Play 20 Chapter 20 - Mr. Beverley is Tactful Kirsten Wever
Play 21 Chapter 21 - Cayley’s Apology Kirsten Wever
Play 22 Chapter 22 - Mr. Beverley Moves On Kirsten Wever