The Rainbow and the Rose (Version 2)

E. Nesbit (1858 - 1924)

Although Edith Nesbit is best known for her innovative children's books and classic ghost stories, she was at heart a poet. She began writing poetry at the age of 14 and published over 20 volumes of poetry during her lifetime. Her poetry was praised by authors and poets such as Algernon Swinburne, Oscar Wilde, and literary critic, Andrew Lang. Although her timeless poetry is little read today, she still ranks at 323 of the top 500 poets. - Summary by AnnaLisa

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1: The Things That Matter; The Confession; Work; The Jilted Lover to His Mother; The Will to Live; and The Beatific Vision. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 02 Chapter 2: Mummy Wheat; The Beech Tree; In Absence; Silence; Raison D'Etre; Then Onlooker; The Tree of Knowledge; At Parting; Song; and Renunciation. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 03 Chapter 3: The Veil of Maya; Song; To Vera, Who Asked For a Song; The Poet to His Love; The Maiden's Prayer; Song; The Magic Flower; La Dernier Robe de Soi; The Least Possible; En Tout Cas; Appeal; St. Valentine's Day; Chagrin D'Amour; Bridal Eve; Love and Life; and From the Italian. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 04 Chapter 4: "Out of the Fulness of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh"; Summer Song; The Lower Room; Song; and May Song. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 05 Chapter 5: To Iris; To a Child (Rosamund); Birthday Talk for a Child (Iris); To Rosamund; From the Tuscan; and Mother Song. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 06 Chapter 6: The Island; Possession; Accession; The Destroyer; The Egoists; The Way of Love; To One Who Pleaded for Candour in Love; The Enchanted Garden; The Poor Man's Guest; In the Shallows; "And the Rains Descended and the Floods Came"; and The Star. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 07 Chapter 7: The Prodigal Son; Despair; The Temptation; Second Nature; and De Profundis. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 08 Chapter 8: At the Gate; Via Amoris; Retro Sathanas; The Old Dispensation; The New Dispensation; and In Three Kings. AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 09 Chapter 9: After Death; Chloe; Invocation; The Last Betrayal; A Prayer for the King's Majesty; True Love and New Love; Death; In Memory of Saretta Deakin; and A Parting. AnnaLisa Bodtker