The Princess Zoubaroff

Ronald Firbank (1886 - 1926)

The Princess Zoubaroff is a witty, subversive, and unbelievably suggestive play, far ahead of its time. Through razor-sharp dialogue and outrageous scenarios, Ronald Firbanks takes aim at all of the sacred cows of polite English society: matrimony, motherhood, religion, and sexuality.

Enid and Eric are newlyweds, although neither is particularly happy with this new arrangement. While honeymooning at their friends’ vacation home in Florence, Eric and his friend Adrian leave for the mountains. The women, left alone, are entertained by various friends including Lord Orkish and his young friend Reggie, thinly-veiled analogues to Oscar Wilde and his lover Lord Alfred Douglas, Blanche Negress, author of “Lesbia, or Would he Understand?”, and Lady Rocktower, whose 11-year-old daughter Glyda finds herself embroiled in imaginary love affairs. Chief amongst this coterie of friends and neighbors is the titular Princess Zena Zoubaroff, who intends to found a convent in Florence and has, much to the chagrin of Eric, totally bewitched the disillusioned Enid. - Summary by ChuckW

Cast List:
Princess Zena Zoubaroff: Sonia
Glyda Rocktower: Leanne Yau
Reggie Quintus: Tomas Peter
Adrian: Peter Yearsley
Lord Orkish: Nick Bulka
Nadine Sheil-Meyer: KHand
Blanche Negress: Kalynda
Angelo: Sandra Schmit
Enid Tresilian: Availle
Lady Rocktower: Beth Thomas
Eric: Chuck Williamson
Monsignor Vanhove: alanmapstone
Dante Silvio Paolao: Nemo
Marchesa Pitti-Conti: Eva Davis
Mrs. Mangrove (Nurse): VivianWeaver

Narrated by: ToddHW

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act I Group 00:57:47
Play 02 Act II Group 00:45:26
Play 03 Act III Group 00:32:58