The Princess and the Goblin (Dramatic Reading)

George MacDonald (1824 - 1905)

The story of a Princess named Irene, and her adventure with a boy named Curdie Peterson. Princess Irene meets her grandmother, and Irene wants her nurse, Lootie, to know that her grandmother is so sweet and kind. But Lootie doesn't believe there is a grandmother. One day, while it was getting very late outdoors, Lootie and the Princess loose their way, and cannot remember which way was back home. But then Curdie, the merry miner-boy, want's to save the princess from the evil goblins, and so he makes sure that they cannot get to her. The Princess then wants Curdie to meet her grandmother, but somehow, Curdie cannot see Irene's grandmother, and so he becomes angry with Irene. Much later in the story, the goblins devise an evil plan, to try and merry their prince Harelip to the Princess Irene! And now Curdie knows he must save Irene, even though he was angry with her. So after talking with his parents, Curdie goes out to save the Princess Irene from the horrible goblins. But does Curdie save the Princess? And do the goblins marry their prince Harelip to the Princess Irene? This fascinating story will tell it itself in this wonderful dramatic reading! ( Elijah Fisher)


Princess Irene: Leanne Yau
Great great grandmother Irene: TriciaG
Nurse/Lootie: JayKitty76
Curdie: Elijah Fisher
Peter Peterson: Campbell Schelp
First Miner: David Olson
Second Miner: Elsie Selwyn
Podge (Goblin Chancellor): Josh Kibbey
Podge's Wife: Foon
King Goblin: Larry Wilson
Glump: Elsie Selwyn
Irene's Father/King Papa: Aaron White
Joan Peterson: Devorah Allen
Goblin Queen: Campbell Schelp
Helfer: TJ Burns
Harelip: William White and Jasmin Salma
Housekeeper: Patty Pickens
Sir Walter: David Olson
First Guard: Aaron White
Second Guard: Elsie Selwyn
Cook: Elsie Selwyn
Scullery-Maid: thestorygirl
Questioner: Stefan Von Blon

Narrated by: bhavya
Edited by: Elijah Fisher, Bhavya, JayKitty76, and linny

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Dramatic Readings

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dramatis Personae Group 00:02:02
Play 01 Chapter 1. Why the Princess Has a Story About Her Group 00:06:41
Play 02 Chapter 2. The Princess Loses Herself Bhavya
Play 03 Chapter 3. The Princess and - We Shall See Who Group 00:12:57
Play 04 Chapter 4. What the Nurse Thought of It Group 00:06:51
Play 05 Chapter 5. The Princess Lets Well Alone Group 00:05:10
Play 06 Chapter 6. The Little Miner Group 00:19:19
Play 07 Chapter 7. The Mines Group 00:07:10
Play 08 Chapter 8. The Goblins Group 00:14:47
Play 09 Chapter 9. The Hall of the Goblin Palace Group 00:15:22
Play 10 Chapter 10. The Princess's King-Papa Group 00:08:07
Play 11 Chapter 11. The Old Lady's Bedroom Group 00:15:45
Play 12 Chapter 12. A Short Chapter about Curdie Group 00:04:25
Play 13 Chapter 13. The Cobs' Creatures Bhavya
Play 14 Chapter 14. That Night Week Group 00:07:47
Play 15 Chapter 15. Woven and Then Spun Group 00:18:03
Play 16 Chapter 16. The Ring Group 00:03:46
Play 17 Chapter 17. Spring-Time Group 00:05:14
Play 18 Chapter 18. Curdie's Clue Group 00:15:24
Play 19 Chapter 19. Goblin Counsels Jasmin Salma
Play 20 Chapter 20. Irene's Clue Leanne Yau
Play 21 Chapter 21. The Escape Group 00:18:31
Play 22 Chapter 22. The Old Lady and Curdie Group 00:12:06
Play 23 Chapter 23. Curdie and His Mother Group 00:16:12
Play 24 Chapter 24. Irene Behaves Like a Princess Group 00:04:22
Play 25 Chapter 25. Curdie Comes to Grief Group 00:08:25
Play 26 Chapter 26. The Goblin-Miners Group 00:04:21
Play 27 Chapter 27. The Goblins in the King's House Elijah Fisher
Play 28 Chapter 28. Curdie's Guide Group 00:07:01
Play 29 Chapter 29. Mason-Work Group 00:04:39
Play 30 Chapter 30. The King and the Kiss Group 00:05:21
Play 31 Chapter 31. The Subterranean Waters Group 00:09:28
Play 32 Chapter 32. The Last Chapter Bhavya
Stefan Von Blon