The Peterkin Papers

Lucretia P. Hale (1820 - 1900)

The Peterkins were a lovable but comically inept family that possess ingenuity, logic, resourcefulness, and energy--but not common sense. The general formula is that the family tries to solve some problem in an appealingly roundabout way, fails, and is eventually rescued by "the wise old lady from Philadelphia" who always cuts the Gordian knot with some effective but prosaic solution. The charm of the story is not in the plot, but in the telling, with the building up of layers of complication, and the affectionate fun poked at the not-quite-cartoonish characters. The "wise old lady's" solution is usually obvious to the reader, or even the young listener, from the start. (From Wikipedia)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Preface / The Lady Who Put Salt in Her Coffee entada
Play 02 About Elizabeth Eliza's Piano/The Peterkins Try to Become Wise/Mrs. Peterkin Wishes To Go To Drive entada
Play 03 The Peterkins at Home/Why the Peterkins Had a Late Dinner entada
Play 04 The Peterkin's Summer Journey/The Peterkins Snowed Up entada
Play 05 The Peterkins Decide to Keep a Cow / The Peterkins' Christmas-Tree entada
Play 06 The Peterkins' Tea Party / The Peterkins Too Late For the Exhibition entada
Play 07 The Peterkins Celebrate the "Fourth" / The Peterkins' Picnic entada
Play 08 The Peterkins' Charades / The Peterkins are Obliged to Move entada
Play 09 The Peterkins Decide to Learn the Languages / Modern Improvements at the Peterkins entada
Play 10 Agamemnon's Career / The Educational Breakfast entada
Play 11 The Peterkins at the "Carnival of Authors" in Boston entada
Play 12 The Peterkins at the Farm entada