The Peter Patter Book of Nursery Rhymes

Leroy F. Jackson (1881 - 1958)

This is a Nursery Rhyme Book with lots of delightful short, rhyming stories that are meant to be read aloud to small children. They are vintage rhymes, most from the 1800s. Each section has about 5 minutes of rhymes.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Peter Patter, A Copper Down a Crack, I'm Much Too Big for a Fairy, Did You Ever Play Tag with a Tiger, The Blue Song, Hippity Hop to Bed, Away to the River, Our Little Pat Christie Crews
Play 02 The Animal Show, Tommy Trimble, Dickie, Dickie Dexter, On the Road to Tattletown, Polly and Peter, I Went to Town on Monday, Where Are You Going?, Christopher Crump Christie Crews
Play 03 Pinky, Pinky, Pang, Tick, Tock, Under the Willow, High on the Mantel, Boots, Boots, Boots, Butterfly, Beela By the Sea, A Matter of Taste Christie Crews
Play 04 Tommy, My Son, Oh, Said the Worm, Buzzy Brown, The Wind, The Hobo Band, A Beetle on a Broomstraw, Mule Thoughts, A Candle, a Candle Christie Crews
Play 05 Baxter, Loddy, Gin and Ella Zander, As I Was Going Down the Hill, A Little Boy Ran to the End of the Sky, Discretion, A Beetle Once Sat on a Barberry Twig, The Thieves, Upon The Irish Sea Christie Crews
Play 06 Duckle, Daisy, I've Got a New Book, The Carrot and the Rabbit, Hippy-Hi-Hoppy, Up on the Garden Gate, Most Any Chip, A Moon Song, What Makes You Laugh Christie Crews
Play 07 Timmy O'Toole, A Man Came From Malden, Baron Batteroff, Six Little Salmon, To Carry on the Toot-Toot, Doubbledoon, The Party, I've Got a Yellow Puppy Christie Crews
Play 08 Doctor McSwattle, Columbus, Terrible Tim, What's the Use, All Aboard for Bombay, Water, Old Molly is Lowing, Snowflakes Christie Crews
Play 09 Dippy-Dippy-Davy, When I'm as Rich as Uncle Claus, Rinky-Tattle, Twenty Little Snowflakes, Slippery Slim, The Freighter, No One at Home, Patters and Tatters Christie Crews
Play 10 Crown the King with Carrot Tops, The Canada Goose, Hipperty, Clickerty, Clackerty, Bang, Sonny, The Stove, The Thunder Baby, Hinky, Pinky, Pearly Earl, Tipsy Tom Christie Crews
Play 11 Jolly Jinks, Transformation, The Thief Chase, Somebody, Consolation, The Robin and the Squirrel, The King Had a Platter, Rain Christie Crews
Play 12 Old Father McNether, Jerry Was a Joker, King kokem, Old Missus Skinner, Oh, Mother, Cella Ree and Tommy To, If I Were Richer, The Army of the Queen Kathrine Engan
Play 13 Romulus, The Hero, Pensive Percy, Moon, O Moon in the Empty Sky, The Rag-Man, Whenever I Go Out to Walk, A Free Show, Billy Bumpkins Gloria Begemann
Play 14 Blue Flames and Red Flames, Timothy Grady, Captain Tickle and his Nickel, Grandmother Grundy, Needles and Pins, A Toe Rime, Harry Hooker, Jelly Jake and Butter Bill Phil Chenevert
Play 15 Cut Up a Caper, Eat, Eat, Eat, Hetty Hutton, A Big, Fat Potato, A Bundle of Hay, Peter, Popper, Old Father Annum, The Tippany Flower Kathleen Flanary
Play 16 Here Comes a Cabbage, Plenty, The Runaways, A Race, A Race to Moscow, The Salesman, Boats, Pretty Things Kathleen Flanary
Play 17 Did You Ever?, Hootem, Tootem, Clear the Track, Doctor Drake, Babies, Twenty Thieves From Albion, As I Came Out of Grundy Greet Kathleen Flanary