The Orange-Yellow Diamond

J. S. Fletcher (1863 - 1935)

A novelist finds himself struggling to make ends meet. In his effort to raise a bit of money to get him by, he finds himself in the middle of a mystery. Murder, theft, and love, all the ingredients for a wonderful reading. Please note: There is some stereotyping of ethnic groups however it is presented without malice but rather a sign of the times. (Summary by Linette Geisel)

Cast list:
Narrator (chapter 1-5): Linette Geisel
Narrator (chapter 6 onwards): MaryAnn
Andrew Lauriston: Max Körlinge
Mrs. Flitwick (landlady); Grayson, Mr. Levendales butler and Scotland Yard Official: TriciaG
Mr. Melchior (Melky) Rubinstein; Martin James Gardiner, turf commission agent and Man from tea room: ToddHW
Zillah Wildrose: Kristin Gjerløw
Mrs. Goldmark and Chinese man 2: MJ Franck
Detective Ayscough: Anthony
Doctor and Coroner: Anna Simon
Inspector, Superior Official and Chief Official: bala
John Purdie: Chuck Williamson
Coffee shop girl: Elizabeth Klett
Mr. Spencer Levendale: Ernst Pattynama
Second police officer: Lucy Perry
Third police officer: Amanda Friday
Benjamin Hollinshaw (Shop owner): David Olson
Mr. Parminter, lawyer: Marty
Mr. Goodyer, landlord to Parslett: April Gonzales
Miss Elsie Bennett, Governess: Patti Cunningham
Mr. Penniket, sollicitor and Chang Li: Marty Kris
Stuyvesant Guyler, a New York man: Mark Chulsky
Dr. Mirandolet; Stephen Purvis and Elder Pilmansey: asterix
Dr. John Sperling-Lawson: Seepferdchen
Mr. Killick, retired solicitor: Brett W. Downey
Mr. John Purvis, brother of Stephen Purvis: Ric F
Dr. Pittery - Young surgeon: Emily Feuka
Mr. Mori Yada: CaprishaPage
George, mortuary night watchman: Charlotte Duckett
Waiter: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Cab driver: Bev J Stevens
Hotel servant: MichaelH-S
Younger Pilmansey: Amy Gramour
Chinese Man 1: Margaret Espaillat

Edited by: Linette Geisel,
Kimberly Krause, Kristin Gjerløw and ToddHW
Coordinated by: Linette Geisel and
Kimberly Krause

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Cast of Readers Group 00:03:50
Play 01 The Pretty Pawnbroker 00:14:03
Play 02 Mrs. Goldmark's Eating-House 00:13:12
Play 03 The Dead Man 00:12:43
Play 04 The Platinum Solitaire 00:12:12
Play 05 The Two Letters 00:13:03
Play 06 The Spanish Manuscript 00:13:01
Play 07 The Member of Parliament 00:13:05
Play 08 The Inquest 00:13:08
Play 09 Whose Were Those Rings? 00:11:21
Play 10 Melky Intervenes 00:10:54
Play 11 The Back Door 00:11:41
Play 12 The Friend From Peebles 00:13:06
Play 13 The Call For Help 00:13:20
Play 14 The Private Laboratory 00:14:15
Play 15 Conference 00:13:33
Play 16 The Detective Calls 00:13:12
Play 17 What the Lamps Shone On 00:11:53
Play 18 Mr. Stuyvesant Guyler 00:12:15
Play 19 Purdie Stands Firm 00:14:08
Play 20 The Parslett Affair 00:12:13
Play 21 What Manner of Death? 00:12:57
Play 22 Mr. Killick Goes Back 00:12:58
Play 23 Mr. Killick's Opinion 00:12:15
Play 24 The Orange-Yellow Diamond 00:12:44
Play 25 The Dead Man's Property 00:12:54
Play 26 The Rat 00:11:37
Play 27 The Empty House 00:11:15
Play 28 The £500 Bank Note 00:11:27
Play 29 Mr. Mori Yada 00:11:36
Play 30 The Mortuary 00:11:30
Play 31 The Mirandolet Theory 00:13:18
Play 32 One O'Clock Midnight 00:14:01
Play 33 Secret Work 00:13:24
Play 34 Baffled 00:14:58
Play 35 Yada Takes Charge 00:11:58
Play 36 Pilmansey's Tea Rooms 00:12:28
Play 37 Chang Li 00:11:47
Play 38 The Jew and The Jap 00:11:05
Play 39 The Diamond Necklace 00:13:55