The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 08 - 12. December 1897

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol VIII, the December Number.
It includes the following articles:

  • A Special Announcement, by F. H. Newell, Secretary

  • The Washington Aqueduct and Cabin John Bridge, by D. D. Gaillard

  • Gardiner Greene Hubbard, by John Hyde

  • Pollution of the Potomac River, by F. H. Newell

  • The Delta of the Mississippi River, by E. L. Corthell

  • The Annexation Fever, by Henry Gannett

  • Sir John Evans and Prof. W. J. McGee, by John Hyde

  • Some Recent Geographic Events, by John Hyde

  • Geographic Literature, by Henry Gannett

  • Geographic Notes

Genre(s): Travel & Geography

Language: English

Group: National Geographic Magazines

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Special Announcement Larry Wilson
Play 01 The Washington Aqueduct and Cabin John Bridge Availle
Play 02 Gardiner Greene Hubbard KevinS
Play 03 Pollution of the Potomac River KevinS
Play 04 The Delta of the Mississippi River Larry Wilson
Play 05 The Annexation Fever Larry Wilson
Play 06 Sir John Evans and Prof. W. J. McGee KevinS
Play 07 Some Recent Geographic Events KevinS
Play 08 Geographic Literature BettyB
Play 09 Geographic Notes BettyB