The Monster and Other Stories

Stephen Crane (1871 - 1900)

From the celebrated author of the Red Badge of Courage comes this final collection of stories released in Crane's lifetime. These stories often dwell upon how a single moment can cause life to comes crashing down around someone, how one decision can shape an entire community's perception, how one statement can affect the lives of everyone around them. From commentaries on human nature such as the title story's touching and tragic tale of a doctor who risks his family being ostracized in town for harboring a man who was hideously disfigured while saving his son from a raging inferno to the raucous gallows humor of "Twelve O' Clock" and "Moonlight on the Snow", these stories show a master storyteller whose skill was growing ever greater before his life was tragically cut short by tuberculosis at the age of 28. (Summary by Ben Tucker)

Genre(s): Single Author Collections

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Monster Part 1 Ben Tucker
Play 02 The Monster Part 2 Ben Tucker
Play 03 The Blue Hotel Ben Tucker
Play 04 His New Mittens Ben Tucker
Play 05 Twelve O'Clock Ben Tucker
Play 06 Moonlight on the Snow Ben Tucker
Play 07 Manacled Ben Tucker
Play 08 An Illusion in Red and White Ben Tucker