The Melting of Molly

Maria Thompson Daviess (1872 - 1924)

Meet Molly: a quirky, spirited twenty-five-year old, widowed for 6 years, living in picturesque Hillsboro with her aunt amidst gossipy neighbors, on a strict diet, and in serious boy trouble. There's Arthur, her childhood sweetheart; then, there's the enigmatic, charming Judge Wade; and of course, there's her cousin Tom; and then, her infuriating neighbor, John Moore... But who will melt her heart?

It is Arthur's return, and his seemingly simple request of wanting to see her in the same blue dress she wore when he left, that throws everything into turmoil...

Sometimes, one can only find some solace in one's garden.

Narrated in a refreshingly modern and playful style by none other than Molly herself, this book is the British magazine version; there’s a significantly different American novel version.(Summary by Elli, Julie VW and Stav Nisser)

Genre(s): General Fiction, Romance

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Leaf I. The Bachelor's-Buttons. Elli
Play 02 Leaf II. A Love-Letter, Loaded. Elli
Play 03 Leaf III. Rachel P.
Play 04 Leaf IV. Rachel P.
Play 05 Leaf V. SerenityKris
Play 06 Leaf VI. Conflagration. Christine Blachford
Play 07 Leaf VII. Heart Agonies. MaryAnn
Play 08 Leaf VIII. Melted. Julie VW