The Master's Indwelling

Andrew Murray (1828 - 1917)

In all the writings of the late nineteenth century minister and writer Andrew Murray, we see his passion for reality in the lives of Christian believers. In this series of addresses he explains how, in various areas of the spiritual life, one may grow in God and experience more of his power. In particular he shows the importance of Christ truly being given his rightful place in the believer’s life. There are chapters on: carnal Christians, the self life, waiting on God, entrance into rest, the kingdom first, Christ our life, Christ's humility our salvation, complete surrender, being dead with Christ, joy in the Holy Ghost, the triumph of faith, the source of power in prayer, and God being all in all. Although written well over a century ago, this book is still relevant and amazingly up to date! (Summary by Christopher Smith)

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Carnal Christians Christopher Smith
Play 02 02 - The Self Life Christopher Smith
Play 03 03 - Waiting on God Christopher Smith
Play 04 04 - Entrance into Rest Christopher Smith
Play 05 05 - Thy Kingdom Come Christopher Smith
Play 06 06 - Christ Our Life Christopher Smith
Play 07 07 - Christ's Humility Our Salvation Christopher Smith
Play 08 08 - The Complete Surrender Christopher Smith
Play 09 09 - Dead with Christ Christopher Smith
Play 10 10 - Joy in the Holy Ghost Christopher Smith
Play 11 11 - Triumph of Faith Christopher Smith
Play 12 12 - The Source of Power in Prayer Christopher Smith
Play 13 13 - That God May Be All in All Christopher Smith