The Master of the World

Jules Verne (1828 - 1905)

Chief Inspector Strock gets the tough cases. When a volcano suddenly appears to threaten mountain towns of North Carolina amid the non-volcanic Blue Ridge Mountains, Strock is posted to determine the danger. When an automobile race in Wisconsin is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of a vehicle traveling at multiples of the top speed of the entrants, Strock is consulted. When an odd-shaped boat is sighted moving at impossible speeds off the New England coast, Stock and his boss begin to wonder if the incidents are related. And when Strock gets a hand-lettered note warning him to abandon his investigation, on pain of death, he is intrigued rather than deterred.

Set in a period when gasoline engines were in their infancy and automobiles were rare, and when even Chief Inspectors had to engage a carriage and horses to move about, the appearance of a vehicle that can move at astounding speeds on land, on water - and as later revealed, underwater and through the air - marks a technological advance far beyond the reach of nations. It is technology invented by and for the sole benefit of a man who styles himself (with some justification) "The Master of the World."

This book is a sequel to an earlier Verne novel, "Robur the Conqueror", but enough detail is given to fully appreciate this story without having first read the other. (Summary by Mark)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Detective Fiction, Science Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 What Happened in the Mountains Mark F. Smith
Play 02 I Reach Morganton Mark F. Smith
Play 03 The Great Eyrie Mark F. Smith
Play 04 A Meeting of the Automobile Club Mark F. Smith
Play 05 Along the Shores of New England Mark F. Smith
Play 06 The First Letter Mark F. Smith
Play 07 A Third Machine Mark F. Smith
Play 08 At Any Cost Mark F. Smith
Play 09 The Second Letter Mark F. Smith
Play 10 Outside the Law Mark F. Smith
Play 11 The Campaign Mark F. Smith
Play 12 Black Rock Creek Mark F. Smith
Play 13 On Board the Terror Mark F. Smith
Play 14 Niagra Mark F. Smith
Play 15 The Eagle's Nest Mark F. Smith
Play 16 Robur, the Conqueror Mark F. Smith
Play 17 In the Name of the Law Mark F. Smith
Play 18 The Old Housekeeper's Last Comment Mark F. Smith