The Man with Two Left Feet, and Other Stories

P. G. WODEHOUSE (1881 - 1975)

The Man With Two Left Feet, and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, first published in the United Kingdom on March 8, 1917 by Methuen & Co., London, and in the United States in 1933 by A.L. Burt and Co., New York. All the stories had previously appeared in periodicals, usually the Strand in the UK and the Red Book magazine or the Saturday Evening Post in the US. It is a fairly miscellaneous collection — most of the stories concern relationships, sports and household pets, and do not feature any of Wodehouse's regular characters; one, however, "Extricating Young Gussie", is notable for the first appearance in print of two of Wodehouse's best-known characters, Jeeves and his master Bertie Wooster (although Bertie's surname isn't given and Jeeves's role is very small), and Bertie's fearsome Aunt Agatha. (Wikipedia)

Genre(s): Humorous Fiction, Single Author Collections

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Bill the Bloodhound Michael Yard
Play 02 02 - Extricating Young Gussie Michael Yard
Play 03 03 - Wilton's Holiday Michael Yard
Play 04 04 - The Mixer: 1. He Meets a Shy Gentleman Michael Yard
Play 05 05 - The Mixer: 2. He Moves in Society Michael Yard
Play 06 06 - Crowned Heads Michael Yard
Play 07 07 - At Geisenheimers Michael Yard
Play 08 08 - The Making of Mac's Michael Yard
Play 09 09 - One Touch of Nature Michael Yard
Play 10 10 - Black for Luck Michael Yard
Play 11 11 - The Romance of an Ugly Policeman Michael Yard
Play 12 12 - A Sea of Troubles Michael Yard
Play 13 13 - The Man with Two Left Feet Michael Yard