The Little Match Girl

Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875)

This is a recording of seven immortal and delightful fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Match Girl is of course the first, followed by The Swineherd, The Real Princess, The Leap Frog, The Elderbush, The Bell and finally, The Old House. They cover a wide range of topics but all demonstrate the storytelling genius of the prolific Danish author who gave us so many memorable and cherished tales.

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Little Match Girl Phil Chenevert
Play 02 The Swineherd Phil Chenevert
Play 03 The Real Princess Phil Chenevert
Play 04 The Leap-Frog Phil Chenevert
Play 05 The Elderbush Phil Chenevert
Play 06 The Bell Phil Chenevert
Play 07 The Old House Phil Chenevert