Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

Charles DICKENS (1812 - 1870)

Old Martin Chuzzlewit has heaps of money that has never brought him anything but misery. Estranged from his grandson and namesake, when word gets out that he is ill, he finds himself surrounded by a throng of relatives that he despises, all hoping to get a piece of the pie. He allows himself to be taken under the wing of his obsequious and hypocritical cousin, Seth Pecksniff, who is more than happy to shelter him and kowtow to him and to keep all other relatives away. Will this vulture be the one to inherit the old man’s fortune, or is there more going on than meets the eye?

Treachery, mayhem, and possibly murder, along with some genuine love and compassion are skillfully intertwined in this book, along with Dickens’ classic wit and brilliantly created characters. His villains are odious, his good guys are delightful, and those that fall in between truly deserve to be called “Characters.” (summary by Debra Lynn)

Genre(s): Satire

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface and Postscript Debra Lynn
Play 01 Chapter 01 - Introductory, Concerning The Pedigree Of The Chuzzlewit Family Debra Lynn
Play 02 Chapter 02a - Wherein Certain Persons Are Presented To The Reader, With Whom He May, If He Please, Become Better Acquainted, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 03 Chapter 02b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 04 Chapter 03a - In Which Certain Other Persons Are Introduced; On The Same Terms As In The Last Chapter, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 05 Chapter 03b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 06 Chapter 04a - From Which It Will Appear That If Union Be Strength, And Family Affection Be Pleasant To Contemplate, The Chuzzlewits Were The Strongest And Most Agreeable Family In The World, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 07 Chapter 04b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 08 Chapter 05a - Containing A Full Account Of The Installation Of Mr Pecksniff's New Pupil Into The Bosom Of Mr Pecksniff's Family. With All The Festivities Held On That Occasion, And The Great Enjoyment Of Mr Pinch, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 09 Chapter 05b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 10 Chapter 06 - Comprises, Among Other Important Matters, Pecksniffian And Architectural, And Exact Relation Of The Progress Made By Mr Pinch In The Confidence And Friendship Of The New Pupil Debra Lynn
Play 11 Chapter 07 - In Which Mr Chevy Slyme Asserts The Independence Of His Spirit, And The Blue Dragon Loses A Limb Debra Lynn
Play 12 Chapter 08 - Accompanies Mr Pecksniff And His Charming Daughters To The City Of London; And Relates What Fell Out Upon Their Way Thither Debra Lynn
Play 13 Chapter 09a - Town And Todger's, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 14 Chapter 09b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 15 Chapter 10 - Containing Strange Matter, On Which Many Events In This History May, For Their Good Or Evil Influence, Chiefly Depend Debra Lynn
Play 16 Chapter 11a - Wherein A Certain Gentleman Becomes Particular In His Attentions To A Certain Lady; And More Coming Events Than One, Cast Their Shadows Before, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 17 Chapter 11b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 18 Chapter 12a - Will Be Seen In The Long Run, If Not In The Short One, To Concern Mr Pinch And Others, Nearly. Mr Pecksniff Asserts The Dignity Of Outraged Virtue. Young Martin Chuzzlewit Forms A Desperate Resolution, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 19 Chapter 12b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 20 Chapter 13a - Showing What Became Of Martin And His Desparate Resolve, After He Left Mr Pecksniff's House; What Persons He Encountered; What Anxieties He Suffered; And What News He Heard, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 21 Chapter 13b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 22 Chapter 14 - In Which Martin Bids Adieu To The Lady Of His Love; And Honours An Obscure Individual Whose Fortune He Intends To Make By Commending Her To His Protection Debra Lynn
Play 23 Chapter 15 - The Burden Whereof, Is Hail Columbia! Debra Lynn
Play 24 Chapter 16a - Martin Disembarks From That Noble And Fast-Sailing Line-Of-Packet Ship, 'The Screw', At The Port Of New York, In The United States Of America. He Makes Some Acquaintances, And Dines At A Boarding-House. The Particulars Of Those Transactions, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 25 Chapter 16b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 26 Chapter 17a - Martin Enlarges His Circle Of Aquaintance; Increases His Stock Of Wisdom; And Has An Excellent Opportunity Of Comparing His Own Experiences With Those Of Lummy Ned Of The Light Salisbury, As Related By His Friend Mr William Simmons, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 27 Chapter 17b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 28 Chapter 18 - Does Business With The House Of Anthony Chuzzlewit And Son, From Which One Of The Partners Retires Unexpectedly Debra Lynn
Play 29 Chapter 19 - The Reader Is Brought Into Communication With Some Professional Persons, And Sheds A Tear Over The Filial Piety Of Good Mr Jonas Debra Lynn
Play 30 Chapter 20 - Is A Chapter Of Love Debra Lynn
Play 31 Chapter 21a - More American Experiences, Martin Takes A Partner, And Makes A Purchase. Some Account Of Eden, As It Appeared On Paper. Also Of The British Lion. Also Of The Kind Of Sympathy Professed And Entertained By The Watertoast Association Of United Sympathisers, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 32 Chapter 21b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 33 Chapter 22 - From Which It Will Be Seen That Martin Became A Lion Of His Own Account. Together With The Reason Why Debra Lynn
Play 34 Chapter 23 - Martin And His Partner Take Possession Of Their Estate. The Joyful Occasion Involves Some Further Account Of Eden Debra Lynn
Play 35 Chapter 24 - Reports Progress In Certain Homely Matters Of Love, Hatred, Jealousy, And Revenge Debra Lynn
Play 36 Chapter 25 - Is In Part Professional, And Furnishes The Reader With Some Valuable Hints In Relation To The Management Of A Sick Chamber Debra Lynn
Play 37 Chapter 26 - An Unexpected Meeting, And A Promising Prospect Debra Lynn
Play 38 Chapter 27a - Showing That Old Friends May Not Only Appear With New Faces, But In False Colours. That People Are Prone To Bite, And That Biters May Sometimes Be Bitten, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 39 Chapter 27b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 40 Chapter 28 - Mr Montague At Home. And Mr Jonas Chuzzlewit At Home Debra Lynn
Play 41 Chapter 29 - In Which Some People Are Precocious, Others Professional, And Others Mysterious; All In Their Several Ways Debra Lynn
Play 42 Chapter 30 - Proves That Changes May Be Rung In The Best-Regulated Families, And That Mr Peckniff Was A Special Hand At A Triple-Bob-Major Debra Lynn
Play 43 Chapter 31a - Mr Pinch Is Discharged Of A Duty Which He Never Owed To Anybody, And Mr Pecksniff Discharges A Duty Which He Owes To Society, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 44 Chapter 31b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 45 Chapter 32 - Treats Of Todger's Again; And Of Another Blighted Plant Besides The Plants Upon The Leads Debra Lynn
Play 46 Chapter 33a - Further Proceedings In Eden, And A Proceeding Out Of It. Martin Makes A Discovery Of Some Importance, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 47 Chapter 33b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 48 Chapter 34 - In Which The Travellers Move Homeward, And Encounter Some Distinguished Characters Upon The Way Debra Lynn
Play 49 Chapter 35 - Arriving In England, Martin Witnesses A Ceremony, From Which He Derives The Cheering Information That He Has Not Been Forgotten In His Absence Debra Lynn
Play 50 Chapter 36a - Tom Pinch Departs To Seek His Fortune. What He Finds At Starting, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 51 Chapter 36b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 52 Chapter 37 - Tom Pinch, Going Astray, Finds That He Is Not The Only Person In That Predicament. He Retaliates Upon A Fallen Foe Debra Lynn
Play 53 Chapter 38 - Secret Service Debra Lynn
Play 54 Chapter 39a - Containing Some Further Particulars Of The Domestic Economy Of The Pinches; With Strange News From The City, Narrowly Concerning Tom, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 55 Chapter 39b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 56 Chapter 40 - The Pinches Make A New Acquaintance, And Have Fresh Occasion For Surprise And Wonder Debra Lynn
Play 57 Chapter 41 - Mr Jonas And His Friend, Arriving At A Pleasant Understanding, Set Forth Upon An Enterprise Debra Lynn
Play 58 Chapter 42 - Continuation Of The Enterprise Of Mr Jonas And His Friend Debra Lynn
Play 59 Chapter 43a - Has An Influence On The Fortunes Of Several People. Mr Pecksniff Is Exhibited In The Plenitude Of Power; And Wields The Same With Fortitude And Magnanimity, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 60 Chapter 43b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 61 Chapter 44 - Further Continuation Of The Enterprise Of Mr Jonas And His Friend Debra Lynn
Play 62 Chapter 45 - In Which Tom Pinch And His Sister Take A Little Pleasure; But Quite In A Domestic Way, And With No Ceremony About It Debra Lynn
Play 63 Chapter 46a - In Which Miss Pecksniff Makes Love, Mr Jonas Makes Wrath, Mrs Gamp Makes Tea, And Mr Chuffey Makes Business, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 64 Chapter 46b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 65 Chapter 47 - Conclusion Of The Enterprise Of Mr Jonas And His Friend Debra Lynn
Play 66 Chapter 48a - Bears Tidings Of Martin And Of Mark, As Well As Of A Third Person Not Quite Unknown To The Reader. Exhibits Filial Piety In An Ugly Aspect; And Casts A Doubtful Ray Of Light Upon A Very Dark Place, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 67 Chapter 48b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 68 Chapter 49 - In Which Mrs Harris Assisted By A Teapot, Is The Cause Of A Division Between Friends Debra Lynn
Play 69 Chapter 50 - Surprises Tom Pinch Very Much, And Shows How Certain Confidences Passed Between Him And His Sister Debra Lynn
Play 70 Chapter 51a - Sheds New And Brighter Light Upon The Very Dark Place; And Contains The Sequel Of The Enterprise Of Mr Jonas And His Friend, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 71 Chapter 51b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 72 Chapter 52a - In Which The Tables Are Turned, Completely Upside Down, Part 1 Debra Lynn
Play 73 Chapter 52b - ... Part 2 Debra Lynn
Play 74 Chapter 53 - What John Westlock Said To Tom Pinch's Sister; What Tom Pinch's Sister Said To John Westlock; What Tom Pinch Said To Both Of Them; And How They All Passed The Remainder Of The Day Debra Lynn
Play 75 Chapter 54 - Gives The Author Great Concern. For It Is The Last In The Book Debra Lynn