The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

Sir Thomas Malory (1405 - 1471) and James Knowles (1831 - 1908)

The Publishers have asked me to authorise a new edition, in my own name, of this little book—now long out of print—which was written by me thirty-five years ago under the initials J.T.K.

In acceding to their request I wish to say that the book as now published is merely a word-for-word reprint of my early effort to help to popularise the Arthur legends.

It is little else than an abridgment of Sir Thomas Malory’s version of them as printed by Caxton—with a few additions from Geoffrey of Monmouth and other sources—and an endeavour to arrange the many tales into a more or less consecutive story.
- Summary by James Knowles

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Thomas Rose
Play 01 The Prophecies of Merlin and The Birth of Arthur Thomas Rose
Play 02 The Sword and Stone, Coronation, Excalibur, War with the Eleven Kings Thomas Rose
Play 03 The Adventure of the Questing Beast — King Arthur drives the Saxons from the Realm — The Battles of Celidon Forest and Badon Hill Thomas Rose
Play 04 King Arthur Conquers Ireland and Norway, Slays the Giant of St. Michael’s Mount, and Conquers Gaul , The Adventures of Sir Balin Thomas Rose
Play 05 Sir Balin Smites the Dolorous Stroke, and Fights with his Brother, Sir Balan Thomas Rose
Play 06 The Marriage of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and the Founding of the Round Table, The Adventure of the Hart and Hound Thomas Rose
Play 07 King Arthur and Sir Accolon of Gaul Thomas Rose
Play 08 King Arthur conquers Rome, and is crowned Emperor Thomas Rose
Play 09 The Adventures of Sir Lancelot du Lake Thomas Rose
Play 10 The Adventures of Sir Beaumains or Sir Gareth. Part 1. The Quest of Sir Beaumains Thomas Rose
Play 11 The Adventures of Sir Beaumains or Sir Gareth. Part 2. The Tournament before Castle Perilous — Marriage of Sir Gareth and the Lady Lyones Thomas Rose
Play 12 The Adventures of Sir Tristram Part 1 Thomas Rose
Play 13 The Adventures of Sir Tristram Part 2 Thomas Rose
Play 14 The Quest of the Sangreal. Part 1. The Bewitching of Merlin. The Knighting of Sir Galahad. The Quest for the Sangreal Begins. Thomas Rose
Play 15 The Quest of the Sangreal. Part 2. The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, and Sir Bors. Thomas Rose
Play 16 The Quest of the Sangreal. Part 3. The Sangreal is Achieved. The Death of Sir Galahad. Thomas Rose
Play 17 Sir Lancelot and the Fair Maid of Astolat Thomas Rose
Play 18 The War Between King Arthur and Sir Lancelot and the Death of King Arthur Thomas Rose