The Laws and Practice of the Game of Euchre. As Adopted by the Washington, D.C. Euchre Club

Charles Henry Wharton MEEHAN (1817 - 1872)

Sprinkled with literary quotes and little jests, this is a history of and guide to playing Euchre, with a short portion on playing 5-card draw poker. Some of the major differences between the described game and modern Euchre include the following:

(1) Today, a game is generally played to 10 points, rather than 5 (and the 5 cards are used for scoring). This will also change the "playing to the Bridge" discussion in this work.
(2) Today, only the 9, 10, J (called "Knave" in this work), Q, K, and A cards are used (not the 7 and 8).
(3) Today, when a player announces they are playing alone, their partner cannot take the privilege of playing alone away from them.
(4) Often today, when a player orders up their partner (the dealer), the player must play alone. (I've been told, however, that in an evening of progressive euchre, a player can order up their partner without going alone.)
(5) Lap, Slam, Jambone, and Jamboree are not variations of the game that are common today.

Other minor differences also exist. However, it is still an informative work for those who are new to the game, as well as a look back to the card tables of the previous century. (Summary by TriciaG)

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Language: English

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