The Lausiac History

Palladius (c. 363 - c. 430)
Translated by W. K. Lowther Clarke (1879 - 1968)

The Lausiac History (Historia Lausiaca) is a seminal work archiving the Desert Fathers (early Christian monks who lived in the Egyptian desert) written in 419-420 by Palladius of Galatia, at the request of Lausus, chamberlain at the court of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Certainly not all of the Christian monks mentioned in the Lausiac History are recognized as Saints. The influence of Origen on the author, as well as on many of the desert dwellers, is clearly seen in this collection of stories. However, Origen's teachings were condemned as heretical in the 6th century. The recognized Saints mentioned include Anthony the Great, Paul the Simple, Macarius of Alexandria, Macarius of Egypt, Pachomius, Isidora the Fool for Christ, Melania the Younger, Pambo, and Serapion. (Comments by the reader.)

Genre(s): Classics (Greek & Latin Antiquity), Religion

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Introductory Pieces A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 01 Isidore, Dorotheus, Potamiaena, Didymus the Blind, Alexandra, The Rich Virgin, The Monks of Nitria, Amoun of Nitria A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 02 Or, Pambo, Ammonius, Benjamin, Apollonius, Paesius and Isaias, Macarius the Younger, Nathanael, Macarius of Egypt A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 03 Macarius of Alexandria, Moses the Robber, Paul A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 04 Eulogius and the Cripple, Paul the Simple, Pachon, Stephen, Valens, Heron, Ptolemy A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 05 A Virgin Who Fell, Elias, Dorotheus, Piamoun, Pachomius and the Tabennesiots, The Tabennesiot Nuns, The Nun Who Feigned Madness (St. Isidora), John of Lycopolis A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 06 Posidonius, Sarapion the Sindonite, Evagrius Ponticus, Pior, Ephraim, Holy Women A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 07 Julian, Adolius, Innocent, Philoromus, Melania the Elder, Chronius and Paphnuntius, Elpidius A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 08 Sisinnius, Gaddanas, Elias, Sabas, Abramius, The Elder Melania, Silvania, Olympias, Candida, The Monks of Antinoe, Amma Talis and Taor, Collythus, Melania the Younger, Pammachius A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 09 The Virgin and Athanasius, Juliana, Hippolytus, Verus the Ex-Count, Magna, The Compassionate Monk, The Nun Who Fell, A Reader Unjustly Accused, The Brother Who is with the Writer A LibriVox Volunteer