The Island of Appledore

Cornelia Meigs (1884 - 1973)

Any one who knows the coast of New England will know also the Island of Appledore and just where it lies. Such a person can tell you that it is not exactly the place described in this book, that it is small and bare and rocky with no woods, no meadows, no church, or mill, or mill-creek road. Perhaps all that the story tells of it that is true is that there the rocks give forth their strange deep song, “the calling of Appledore,” as warning of a storm, that there the poppies bloom as nowhere else in the world, that there the surf comes rolling in, day in and day out, the whole year through, and that there one’s memory turns back with longing, no matter how many years of absence have gone by. There, also, you can sit for hours to watch the huge, green breakers come foaming and tumbling in endless procession up the stony beach; you can watch the nimble sandpipers and the tireless, wheeling gulls; and if you choose you can spin for yourself just such a story as this one of Billy Wentworth and Captain Saulsby and Sally Shute, a tale of mysteries and perils and midnight adventures on the shores of Appledore. - Summary by the author's foreward

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Nautical & Marine Fiction, Published 1900 onward

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Peering Eyes Roger Melin
Play 02 The Mill-Creek Road Roger Melin
Play 03 The Cruise of the Josephine Roger Melin
Play 04 Captain Saulsby's Watch Roger Melin
Play 05 The War Game Roger Melin
Play 06 The Ebbing of the Tide Roger Melin
Play 07 Mist and Moonlight Roger Melin
Play 08 The Stranger at the Mill Roger Melin
Play 09 The Calling of the Island Roger Melin
Play 10 Three Quarters of a Year Roger Melin
Play 11 The Watchfires of Appledore Roger Melin
Play 12 The Last Voyage of Johann Happs Roger Melin