The Idea of a University

John Henry Newman (1801 - 1890)

John Henry Newman (1801-90) was an Anglican clergyman and Oxford academic whose study of early Christianity led him to convert to the Catholic Church in 1845. At that time Catholics were banned from attending the ancient British universities. The issue was particularly acute in Ireland with its majority Catholic population, so the British government decided to found some non-denominational colleges there which would admit all but which also were not allowed to have Catholic theology faculties in them. The pope of that time, Pius IX, urged the Irish bishops instead to found a Catholic university. Newman, as the leading intellectual Catholic convert, was appointed its founding Rector. He gave a series of public lectures, arguing the case for a Catholic university (such as existed elsewhere in Europe) and also that a university should include theology among its subjects. He also argued for academic education in its own right, against the 'utilitarians' who said that all education should just be practical and immediately 'useful'. Newman later added some other articles on educational topics, such as the relation between science and religion. The resulting book, 'The Idea of a University', became a classic of educational philosophy which is still referenced in debates about the nature and purpose of education today. - Summary by Andrew Nash

Genre(s): Education

Language: English

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Play 00 University Teaching - Preface Andrew Nash
Play 01 Discourse 1 - Introductory Andrew Nash
Play 02 Discourse 2 - Theology a Branch of Knowledge Andrew Nash
Play 03 Discourse 3 - Bearing of Theology on Other Branches of Knowledge KevinS
Play 04 Discourse 4 - Bearing of Other Branches of Knowledge on Theology Andrew Nash
Play 05 Discourse 5 - Knowledge its Own End Andrew Nash
Play 06 Discourse 6 - Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Learning Andrew Nash
Play 07 Discourse 7 - Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Professional Skill Andrew Nash
Play 08 Discourse 8 - Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Religion Andrew Nash
Play 09 Discourse 9 - Duties of the Church Towards Knowledge Andrew Nash
Play 10 University Subjects - Introductory Letter & Advertisement Andrew Nash
Play 11 Lecture 1 - Christianity and Letters Andrew Nash
Play 12 Lecture 2 - Literature Andrew Nash
Play 13 Lecture 3 - English Catholic Literature Andrew Nash
Play 14 Lecture 4 - Elementary Studies Part 1: Grammar Andrew Nash
Play 15 Lecture 4 - Elementary Studies Part 2: Composition Andrew Nash
Play 16 Lecture 4 - Elementary Studies Part 3: Latin Writing Andrew Nash
Play 17 Lecture 4 - Elementary Studies Part 4: General Religious Knowledge Andrew Nash
Play 18 Lecture 5 - A Form of Infidelity of the Day Andrew Nash
Play 19 Lecture 6 - University Preaching Andrew Nash
Play 20 Lecture 7 - Christianity and Physical Science Andrew Nash
Play 21 Lecture 8 - Christianity and Scientific Investigation Andrew Nash
Play 22 Lecture 9 - Discipline of Mind Andrew Nash
Play 23 Lecture 10 - Christianity and Medical Science Andrew Nash