The Green Overcoat

Hilaire Belloc (1870 - 1953)

This rollicking novel captures the minor moral dilemma of thin, shy, nervous, Professor Higginson, psychologist, as he comes under the eye of the enemy of his soul through an encounter with a green overcoat. The quixotic adventure that follows will bring the childlike reader laughter like rainfall. This is Belloc at his Chestertonian best! - Summary by Russ Hobbs

Genre(s): Published 1900 onward

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication Russ Hobbs
Play 01 In which the Green Overcoat takes a Journey. Russ Hobbs
Play 02 In which a Philosopher wrestles with a Problem of Identity. Russ Hobbs
Play 03 In which the Green Overcoat appears as a point of religion by not being there. Russ Hobbs
Play 04 In which it is seen that University training fits one for a business career. Russ Hobbs
Play 05 In which Solitude is unable to discover the charms which Sages have seen in her face. Russ Hobbs
Play 06 In which Professor Higginson Begins to Taste the Sweets of Fame. Russ Hobbs
Play 07 In which Professor Higginson goes on tasting them. Russ Hobbs
Play 08 In which Professor Higginson gets those sweets by the wagon -load, and also hears how Men are Made. Russ Hobbs
Play 09 In which the Green Overcoat begins to assert itself. Russ Hobbs
Play 10 In which a Descendant of the Crusaders refuses to harbour stolen goods. Russ Hobbs
Play 11 In which a Pole is less scrupulous. Russ Hobbs
Play 12 In which the Readerkin will, if he has an ounce of brains, begin to catch the inevitable Denoumong of the Imbroglio. Russ Hobbs
Play 13 In which the Subliminal Consciousness gives itself away. Russ Hobbs
Play 14 In which, incredible as it may seem, a non-Pole has the better of a Pole. Russ Hobbs
Play 15 In which three young men eat, and not only eat, but drink. Russ Hobbs
Play 16 In which cross-examination is conducted "en echelon," and if you don't know what that means I can't help you. Russ Hobbs
Play 17 In which a Professor professes nothing, a Lecture is not delivered, and yet something happens. Russ Hobbs
Play 18 In which the Green Overcoat triumphs and comes home. Russ Hobbs