The Greek War of Independence (1821-1827)

Charles D. Chambers

Written in the style and language of Thucydides, and intended for students in the early stages of learning to read Ancient Greek, this brief history of the war, in four parts, is based on standard nineteenth-century accounts, both in English and Puristic Greek.

The Greek text is preceded by a preface in English and followed by extensive notes, also in English, that provide both historical background and grammatical explanations. - Summary by Ariphron

Genre(s): War & Military, Writing & Linguistics, Language learning

Language: Ancient Greek

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Ariphron
Play 01 Part I. The Campaign in the Trans-Danubian Principalities under Prince Alexander Hypsilantes Ariphron
Play 02 Part II. The First Year of the War in Greece, 1821 Ariphron
Play 03 Part III. The Campaigns of 1822 and 1823 Ariphron
Play 04 Part IV. Events in Greece From the Arrival of Lord Byron to the Battle of Navarino, 1823-1827 Ariphron
Play 05 Notes to Part I Ariphron
Play 06 Notes to Part II Ariphron
Play 07 Notes to Part III Ariphron
Play 08 Notes to Part IV Ariphron