The Gracchi, Marius and Sulla

A. H. Beesly (1839 - 1909)

During the last half of the second century B.C. Rome was undisputed mistress of the civilized western world. As the British historian, Augustus Henry Beesly writes, "a brilliant period of foreign conquest had succeeded the 300 years in which she had overcome her neighbors and made herself supreme in Italy. In 146 B.C. she had given the death-blow to her greatest rival, Carthage, and had annexed Greece." But Rome was on the brink of a one hundred year-long revolution. In this slim volume Beesley, recounts the careers of four of its first dynamic leaders: the idealistic Brothers Gracchi, who attempted land reforms, and the rough, resourceful soldier, Marius, who overhauled the army. The book closes with ruthless, charismatic Sulla who, gaining the allegiance of the Roman legions, in 82 B.C. seized the capitol and after a vengeful purge, tried by reactionary measures to turn back the tide of social change. - Summary by Pamela Nagami

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography, Antiquity

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Ch. 1: Antecedents of the Revolution, Pt. 1 Pamela Nagami
Play 02 Ch. 1: Antecedents of the Revolution, Pt. 2 Pamela Nagami
Play 03 Ch. 2: Tiberius Gracchus Pamela Nagami
Play 04 Ch. 3: Caius Gracchus, Pt. 1 Pamela Nagami
Play 05 Ch. 3: Caius Gracchus, Pt. 2 Pamela Nagami
Play 06 Ch. 4: The Jugurthine War Pamela Nagami
Play 07 Ch. 5: The Cimbri and Teutones Pamela Nagami
Play 08 Ch. 6: The Roman Army Pamela Nagami
Play 09 Ch. 7: Saturninus and Drusus Pamela Nagami
Play 10 Ch. 8: The Social War Pamela Nagami
Play 11 Ch. 9: Sulpicius Pamela Nagami
Play 12 Ch. 10: Marius and Cinna Pamela Nagami
Play 13 Ch. 11: The First Mithridatic War Pamela Nagami
Play 14 Ch. 12: Sulla in Greece and Asia Pamela Nagami
Play 15 Ch. 13: Sulla in Italy Pamela Nagami
Play 16 Ch. 14: The Personal Rule and Death of Sulla Pamela Nagami
Play 17 Ch. 15: Sulla's Reactionary Measures Pamela Nagami