The Golden Goose Book

L. Leslie Brooke (1862 - 1940)

A charming little book full of the most gorgeous illustrations which can be viewed along with the Gutenberg text at
We see a number of stories in which kindness is rewarded and selfishness is punished but Brooke squeezes a number of intriguing and quite bizarre twists and turns into the story so it is not nearly so predictable as you might imagine.
Victorian moral fairy tales from a delightfully inventive mind.
(Summary by Jim)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Golden Goose Kara Shallenberg
Play 02 The Three Bears Kara Shallenberg
Play 03 The Three Little Pigs Kara Shallenberg
Play 04 Tom Thumb Kara Shallenberg